Clash of Clans February/March 2018 Update LEAKED!

The Clash of Clans February (or March) 2018 update has been leaked through official Clash of Clans communication! Darian, one of the CoC moderators, gave us a lot of insight about Builder Hall 8, Builder Base clan wars, new troops, and Town Hall 12! Here’s the key leaked update information for the February 2018 update to Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans February March 2018 Update

February Update LEAKED

Darian ended up talking for about an hour and half about a whole bunch of questions that the Clash of Clans community asked. Obviously, some of them are of no interest, but the ones OF interest, I summarized below. Enjoy reading the leaked update information!

Builder Hall 8

Builder Hall 8 is clearly coming sometime in the next couple months, since the data for it is already inside Clash of Clans. BH8 has been leaked for a long time in CoC. Darian says that once Builder Hall 8 is released, they will add more clan and social aspects into the game. Later on in the interview, Darian says that we should see the Super PEKKA in mid-2018, which indicates that BH8 will be released at the same time.

New Troop Levels and Balance Changes

New troops levels have been coming every other update or so since 2016. Darian admits that this probably won’t stop if the balance of the game favors defense or new defenses are added. Also, when the Super PEKKA is released, the Clash of Clans team will probably nerf the giant cannon.

Clan Wars at Builder Base

The Clash of Clans team doesn’t want to specifically copy the home village into Builder Base, but Darian says that the team is open to Builder Base 2v2s, 5v5s, and friendly wars.

Town Hall 12

Darian specifically says that the Clash of Clans team is working on “new Town Hall content” but won’t say if it is Town Hall 12 or something different. Apparently, if TH12 is added, it won’t be just upgrading stuff, but other content as well. Darian ends by saying that this update is sooner than people expect.

New Troops

On this part of the interview, Darian is specifically vague, first starting by saying “I think my mom is watching the stream. Hi mom!”. This clearly indicates that something is in the works for new troops. He finishes by stating that “it’s gonna be an exciting year, and you’ll be rewarded for that patience”, definitely making it seem like we will be seeing new troops in Clash of Clans before 2018 ends.

New Goblin Map Levels

I already discussed that I thought that new single player maps have been leaked. It turns out that I was right! When Darian is asked about if new goblin map levels were headed towards Clash of Clans, he responds “Hmm… I’m gonna have to say: No comment”. We will definitely seeing more single player soon!

That’s going to wrap it up for these massive Clash of Clans update leaks. Based on the interview with Darian, it sure looks like we are going to have an exciting year for Clash of Clans. Thanks for reading and comment below which leaked update you are most excited for!

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  2. I think sir u have to reduce the cost of archer queen it will be better and air sweepers can target all directions . And please repair this suck when we are attacking if our connection lost then we loses please its my humble request repair this.
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