TH11 Three Star Attacking Guide for Bowler Queen Walk

One of the best ways to three star in clan wars at Town Hall 11 is to use queen walk. When you combine queen walk with mass bowlers, you have one of the best attacking strategy in Clash of Clans at TH11. I’m going to show you guys the strategy and steps to three star in clan war with bowler queen walk!

Bowler Queen Walk Army Composition

In order to attack in any battle, you need to know what army you should be bringing! This is critical for your army composition for bowler queen walk at Town Hall 11. Clearly, as the strategy name states, you need to mainly focus on bowlers, but you also want to bring enough healers to be able to protect your queen and your bowlers from dying! Here’s my favorite composition for bowler queen walk at Town Hall 11:

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Bowler Queen Walk Army Composition

The main troop trained here is going to be the bowler, which is why you have 23 of them trained up. I would also recommend bringing bowlers in your clan castle, bringing your grand total of bowlers up to 28. Having 28 level 3 bowlers can really do a lot of damage if you can keep them alive. Also, you are going to need to bring healers, as that is the second part of the attack strategy. 6 healers should be more than enough to keep all your bowlers and heroes alive throughout the duration of the attack. In your remaining spaces, bring some archers and wall breakers to help pick off buildings and get through walls.

As for your spell composition, rage spells are always the best when attacking with a healer army composition. Now only does it make your troops attack faster, but also lets your healers heal faster. A jump spell is always necessary to help your units through the middle of the base and take down the Town Hall. For the freeze, it is optional; you can choose to bring that or another rage spell. Lastly, with your dark elixir spell, you should be brewing a poison spell to help slow down whatever troops are inside the CC.

Destroy Outside Air Defenses

The enemy of the queen walk attacks are air defenses, as they can completely shut down your healers and make the queen, as well as the bowlers, very open to be killed. Therefore, before you begin your main attack, you should identify any air defenses that you might be able to take down easily and designate small task forces to take them out. This will make your attack much easier in the long run.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Bowler Healers

In this attack, there were two AD on the very corners of the base, which were easily conquered by a few bowlers and two healers on each one. Now your healers are free for at least the first half of the attack. If you can keep your kill squads alive to combine with your main attack force, that will just make your attack that much more likely to succeed.

Heroes Down in Main Attack

Once those outside air defenses go down, it is time for your main attack to start forming. Before you place down your heroes, make sure that there is a clear funnel for your heroes to reach the core of the base instead of heading around on the outskirts. Drop your heroes right in the path of directness to the Town Hall!

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Queen Walk

Right after your heroes go down, make sure to play in your remaining healers. The heroes will start taking damage immediately, so it is critical that you starting healing them up ASAP.

Bowlers for Additional Damage

Of course, we aren’t forgetting about the bowlers that still need to be deployed in this TH11 attack. Allow your heroes some room to start clearing some room. Once they’ve opened up some space, play the bowlers in a line behind them, making sure that they can reach as many different structures as possible. You don’t want to group them all together for fear of a giant bomb.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Bowler Walk

Because of the funneling created by the long line of bowlers, all of your troops should start to begin heading into the core of the base and towards that Town Hall. The bowlers will add extra damage and extra protection for your heroes as this attack starts to ramp up.

Rage Spell Deployment

Like I said earlier, rage spells are, without a doubt, the best spell to bring in queen walk or bowler attacks. When playing your rage spells, you want to make sure that they catch as many troops as possible and that they definitely are able to cover your heroes. Since you are bringing 4 or 5 rage spells, you should start placing your spells early so that you can rage your troops throughout the duration of the attack.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Rage Spell

If you are able to catch all of your units, you will notice that your units will speed through defenses like they are made of butter. With 4 rage spells, you can practically cover the entire base with this performance enhancing spell, ensuring dominanation. Just play the spells where a bunch of units are grouped, playing the rage where the troops WILL BE, not where they ARE.

Jump Spell into the Town Hall

You do have one jump spell in your inventory, the one that is perfect for funneling all of your units into the core of the base and to take out the Town Hall. Don’t play the jump spell until your bowlers and heroes get close to the TH, otherwise they might go astray.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Jump Spell

This jump spell will guarantee the two star and help you on the way for the three star. Sometimes the three star will boil down to luck, but it definitely requires some skill to constantly get three stars in Clash of Clans.

Complete the Three Star Attack

Once your troops take out the Town Hall, there’s not much you can do except sit back and wait for the three star. Of course, if you haven’t played your hero abilities yet, try to get those in sooner than later. If you followed the guide well, you should have clinched the three star and added three more stars to your war tally as an OP Town Hall 11!

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Three Star

So those steps are all you need in order to complete a three star attack at Town Hall 11. I hope that all of you TH11s out there learned a lot and can hopefully three star any opponent in clan war now! Thanks for reading and comment below what war attack strategy you use in Clash of Clans!

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