Hog Lumberjack Deck for the Clash Royale Meta

One of the best decks in Clash Royale in the current meta is this hog lumberjack deck deck! You can use this hog lumberjack deck deck on the ladder or in challenges, as it is at the top of the meta for both right now. With a 3.0 average elixir cost, this deck is superb for outcycling your opponent defenses! Let’s go over some of the strategy and gameplay for this hog lumberjack deck.

Hog Lumberjack Deck Overview

Hog Lumberjack Deck Meta Clash Royale

With the ice golem, ice spirit, and lumberjack having amazing synergy with the hog rider, its tough to not put together an outstanding hog push with this deck. The lumberjack and ice golem can both tank for the hog, giving added benefits when they die, while the ice spirit is a great 1 elixir addition to any push. Guards and inferno dragon are great defensive units too!

When it comes to playability, this hog lumberjack deck is much better than most. There are two legendary cards, which will be tough to level up, plus the one epic cards in the form of guards. However, the other 5 of your cards are either rare or common, which are much easier to level up. The inferno dragon and lumberjack don’t have to be high level to succeed anyways.

Roles of Each Card in the Deck

Hog Rider Clash RoyaleHog Rider

The hog rider is the critical card in this deck, with winning depending on how often he can reach the tower.

Without a doubt, the hog rider is one of the most versatile win conditions in Clash Royale. You can pair the hog with almost any other troop in this deck for a lethal combination that can get some hits on the tower!

The pushes that I’d most recommend are ice spirit and ice golem, along with a counterpush with the lumberjack. The ice spirit can always allow the hog to land an extra shot on the tower, while the LJ gives the rage and the IG gives the slowing effect.

Guards Clash RoyaleGuards

The guards will primarily be a defensive unit, great for stopping both solo units or large pushes.

Honestly, guards don’t have too much offensive value, mostly because they can be countered by troops way too easily. Still, if your opponent lacks a log or splash damage, they could pair well with the hog in niche situations.

Mostly though, the guards are going to be played on defense. If your opponent uses a mini-PEKKA to counter the hog rider, the guards are going to be a perfect stop to that. They can also work great whittling down a giant or PEKKA.

Ice Spirit Clash RoyaleIce Spirit

The ice spirit can offer insane value for you, either on the offensive or defensive end of the game.

The hog rider-ice spirit combination is, without a doubt, the best 5 elixir push in Clash Royale. The ice spirit is able to freeze whatever defensive troop your opponent decides to play, giving your hog another shot on the tower usually.

On the defensive end of the game, the ice spirit is just as effective. Since it has a splash radius, it can often stop entire pushes in their tracks, allowing your troops already placed to do more damage!

Clash Royale Legendary Card LumberjackLumberjack

The lumberjack has a quick attack (plus rage spell) which is extremely valuable for this chip deck.

Surprisingly, the lumberjack is actually going to act as the primary tank in this deck, staying ahead of the hog. You want to capitalize on the rage spell he gives off, so its actually good for him to die.

Without many cards with a ton of health, the lumberjack is going to be invaluable on defense. He can quickly chop down a giant, as well as drop a rage spell for the rest of your units to take advantage of.

Clash Royale Inferno Dragon Legendary CardInferno Dragon

The inferno dragon is your tank killer, allowing you to play sturdy defense with this cheap deck.

Of course, the inferno dragon is better served on defense, but if you know you have an elixir advantage, an ice golem with an inferno dragon lurking behind can cause your opponents to panic!

Defense is where the inferno dragon shines, being able to shut down giants and golems before they even land a shot on the tower. You should mostly use the ID to kill these tank units and take out the support with guards or distract with the ice golem.

Ice Golem Clash RoyaleIce Golem

The ice golem is your tank card for this deck, and also a handy distraction on defense.

Since you don’t have a giant, miner, or bandit in this deck, the ice golem can be your primary tank for offensive pushes. Usually, you want to combine him with the hog rider, which will be great for a slowing effect given off.

On defense, the ice golem has a bit more use, being a distraction for any support cards, especially ones that do splash damage. The incoming troops will lock on the ice golem while your troops finish off the front of the push.

Fireball Clash RoyaleFireball

The fireball is your heavy damage spell in this deck, allowing you to counter the “muskie” cards.

Mostly, you want to take out wizards, musketeers, or electro-wizards using the fireball. It should be overleveled in order to completely take down these units. Make sure to hit the tower at the same time as the troop!

You can also use the fireball to take out trailing cards in a large push. If a giant-minions push is heading towards your tower, go ahead and fireball the minions down, making it easy to then counter the giant.

Zap Clash RoyaleZap

The zap is a great card for clearing away any swarm units played against your hog rider.

Since skeleton army and goblin gang are susceptible to the zap and hard counters to the hog, you should always be hovering this guy when you have a hog push going down the lane.

Overleveling this card by one level will make it be able to take out full goblin gangs and goblin barrels, which will make it much easier to win. Two levels higher will allow you to eliminate minions and minion hordes fully.

Different Offensive Pushes

Lumberjack-Hog: Lumberjack hog is the namesake of this deck and the way to win with this deck.

To begin with, you need to drop the lumberjack and hog together at the bridge, with the lumberjack in front. The fast speed of both units will force your opponent to have to counter quickly. Hopefully, the lumberjack is able to get through a few support units before dying, which then gives a rage spell that your hog can take full advantage of!

Ice Golem-Hog: For a cheap 6 elixir push, try out this ice golem-hog synergy.

Just like with the previous combo, set up with the hog and ice golem at the bridge, with the ice golem in front this time. Because of the hog’s quick speed, it will push the ice golem to be faster. Once the ice golem dies, it will give off a handy slowing effect which can also kill any skeletons or bats that might be played as a counter.

Hog-Ice Spirit: As an even cheaper push, combine the hog and ice spirit for a killer combo.

These two troops together is the cheapest push you can get that can still do hundreds of damage. The hog, obviously, is going to be the main unit here, with the ice spirit meant to buy a bit of time. The ice spirit will hopefully connect with another troop or the tower, pausing its attack for 1.5 seconds, or *hopefully* another hog swing on the tower.

Defending against Popular Decks

Giant Double Prince Deck

Giant Double Prince Deck Clash Royale

By far the most popular deck in Clash Royale at the moment, you need to know how to beat this giant double prince deck. To stop the giant, you do have the inferno dragon, which is a perfect counter. As for stopping the double princes, you should use the ice golem to soak up their charges and then proceed to eliminate them using the lumberjack, guards, and ice spirit. Luckily, since there aren’t a lot of cheap cards in this deck, there will be trouble beating your hog rider.

Three Musketeers Beatdown Deck

Three Musketeers Beatdown Deck Clash Royale

Good thing that the fireball is included in this hog lumberjack deck! Make sure that your fireball is one level higher than the musketeers and they will be completely shut down. You have the guards for dealing with the bandit and miner, while the ice golem will work wonders for countering the dark prince without his more powerful brother. With the minion horde in this deck, its important for you to play the ice spirit or ice golem with your hog, since one of those plus the zap will destroy the entire horde.

X-Bow Cycle Deck

X Bow Cycle Deck Clash Royale

To be honest, hog rider decks are far from the best for beating the x-bow. You’ll have to get a bit creative here between the hog and ice golem, mostly using the IG to soak up damage while your hog takes out the siege card. If worst comes to worst, the lumberjack and inferno dragon aren’t terrible counters to the x-bow. On offense, your struggles will be almost as bad, since the tesla can completely shut down the hog. Build up bigger pushes with your deck when facing this x-bow deck!

I hope that this guide gave you ample enough information about how to win with this hog lumberjack deck! If it didn’t make sure to comment below to tell us what else we could add to make these guides even better. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more awesome Clash Royale decks!

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