Clan Chest Removed in April Update for Clash Royale

The clan chest is going to be removed in the Clash Royale April update, as the rewards head into another feature that Clash Royale is adding, most likely clan wars. The new feature will give even bigger rewards than the clan chest, so it should be for the better. Here’s everything we know about the clan chest removal in the April 2018 update!

Clan Chest Removal April 2018 Update Clash Royale

Clan Chest Removal

Clash Royale feels like the clan chest has become too much of a grind for clans and wants to implement something fresh into the game. They’ve gone away from being an event and are now just a weekly grind for clans. Remember, the rewards from the clan chest will still be in the game, just in another form than the clan chest!

They also stated that they knew that the clan chest was a great way to monitor activity levels in you clan. A new kind of “activity check” will be added into the game when the April update drops.

So this is the first kind of sneak peek that we are seeing for the April update. This is great because hopefully the April update is only about a week or two away at this point. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the clan chest being removed!

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