Ice Golem Decks + How to Use the Ice Golem

The ice golem is the newest card in Clash Royale, released in October, so you are going to need the best ice golem decks and know the best ice golem strategy in Clash Royale. Today will be devoted to the ice golem and how to use the ice golem in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale Ice Golem Decks Ice Golem Strategy

Ice Golem Defensive Strategy

Despite being a unit that targets buildings in Clash Royale, the ice golem has surprising defensive value. Since the ice golem does head towards the nearest arena tower or building play, it can easily drag units all the way across the map that attempt to follow it!

Ice Golem Defensive Strategy Pull

Here, the ice golem is placed so that it heads toward the other arena tower and the bowler follows it, because it is closer than the arena tower. Because the ice golem’s movement speed is so slow, all units can follow him.

Ice Golem Defensive Strategy Pull

The lumberjack pull is even more! Both towers are then able to shoot the lumberjack as he follows the ice golem around, allowing him to go down without placing any other units.

When using this pull strategy with the lumberjack, make sure it is big, bulky, non-defense targeting cards. It works well for the mini-P.E.K.K.A., lumberjack, prince, bowler, and knight.

Ice Golem Offensive Strategy

On offense, the best Clash Royale ice golem strategy is to let him tank in front of another tank, that way once it dies, it acts similarly to a lumberjack and gives off a slowing effect (instead of a rage). Therefore, you want him to die so it slows down all other troops. Also it is more important for your other units to reach the tower instead of the ice golem since the ice golem does barely any damage.

Clash Royale Ice Golem Hog PushWhen placing a faster unit behind the ice golem, such as the hog rider, the ice golem will be pushed by the additional speed and make it to the tower faster!

Clash Royale Ice Golem Giant PushThe ice golem-giant is a deadly combo, especially with other units in behind! We might see an even bigger rise of the popular giant-poison meta.

Make sure that the ice golem is not your primary damage dealer in a push. He does almost no damage and is meant to be a pure tank to get your other units to the tower!

Ice Golem Best Decks

Giant-Ice Golem Deck-

Clash Royale Best Giant Ice Golem Deck

Hog Cycle-Ice Golem Deck-

Clash Royale Best Hog Cycle Ice Golem Deck


Double Prince-Ice Golem Deck-

Clash Royale Best Double Prince Ice Golem Deck

So that is basically a complete ice golem guide for you guys! I really hope you enjoyed this and the ice golem himself! This is a great new card in Clash Royale from the September update. Next up will be the graveyard spell, dropping in 2 weeks! Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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