How to Join Clan War Leagues + How Clan War Leagues Work

New information was released today by Clash of Clans detailing exactly how clan war leagues work and how you can join a clan war league. We also know more about the rewards from clan war leagues in CoC. Clan war leagues should be released in a few days as part of the Clash of Clans October 2018 update!

How Clan War Leagues Work

Clash of Clans has been hinting at clan war leagues for quite some time now, and we knew that it would be coming in the October 2018 update. Today, CoC put out a video detailing exactly how clan war leagues would work, our first look at the gameplay from clan war leagues!

Let’s first begin by talking about how you join a clan war league. The first time you join a clan war league, it will be based off how upgraded your top 15 players are. This includes Town Hall level, hero levels, troop levels, and defense levels. You will join a league with a similarly matched top 15 accounts. There are going to be 18 different leagues that you will be able to be placed into.

Join a Clan War League Clash of Clans

There is going to be a period, right after the October update goes live, where you can decide to join a clan war league. Clan war leagues will last in seasons, with each season lasting 7 days. That means that you will battle each clan once, each on a separate day. At the end of the week, you will get rewards and see if you moved up or down a league.

Clan War Leagues Champion Clash of Clans

Now that you know how to join a league, let’s discuss exactly how these new clan war leagues will work. First off all, we need to talk about clan war league rosters. You can bring as many players as you want into your league, but ultimately only 15 players will actually battle in the league. These players can be switched in and out from your roster in between war days. That means one player from your roster can battle one war, but the next someone new could battle.

Change Clan War League Roster Clash of Clans

Another huge thing to note is the number of attacks you get in clan war leagues. For normal clan wars, you get two attacks per war. However, in clan war leagues, since it is only a day, each player only gets one attack per war.

Clan War Leagues Rewards

One of the biggest incentives to play in clan war leagues are the rewards. In the October update, Clash of Clans will be introducing a new magic item, which can only be earned through clan war leagues, called a hammer. This hammer will instantly complete any upgrade, including paying for the cost of the gold/elixir/dark elixir.

Hammers Clan War Leagues Rewards Clash of Clans

There will be a new league shop where you can purchase magic items based on the tokens that you earn from clan war leagues. It is unclear how many tokens you earn for each war, so the costs of each magic item are tough to determine. Along with magic items, there will also be new decorations that you can buy, exclusive to clan war leagues.

Clan War Leagues Shop Clash of Clans

Right now, this is all we know about clan war leagues, but we can still get the overall gist of the update. Clan war leagues seem pretty awesome and I can’t wait to buy some of the rewards that come with them. Thanks for reading and comment below what your first impressions are of the new clan war leagues!

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