Clash of Clans October 2018 Update: TH13, War Leagues, and MORE!

Clash of Clans released a developer Q&A which gave us a huge insight into what is coming in the October 2018 update to Clash of Clans! Some of the topics covered were Town Hall 13 (plus TH14 and TH15), war leagues, and new ways to fix clouds. Here’s what we can expect to come in the October update to Clash of Clans based off this interview!

Clash of Clans October 2018 Update

Clash of Clans October Update

First of all, here’s the video that Clash of Clans put out. It’s definitely worth a watch, as it describes everything that Clash of Clans is looking at in this update and the future (like Town Hall 13!).

If you didn’t watch the interview, I can sum up a few things for you that the Clash of Clans team went over for future updates to CoC. This interview was great because it showed the community where the future of Clash of Clans is.

October 2018 Update

The number one thing that Clash of Clans says that they are focused on for the coming update is war leagues. Now, we have known that war leagues have been coming in the October 2018 update for a while, but knowing that it is the number one feature means it must be pretty thought-out.

Also coming in the October update, there will be more magic items available through the trader, clan games, and events. CoC has slowly been releasing more magic items since it was released. Also, there was a hint that we should be seeing new single player content in this update, but we will have to wait and see what that means.

End Game Content

As more and more players become maxed, more players will want new content at the end of Town Hall 12 and Builder Hall 8. Clash of Clans has stated that end game content has become a priority. To add to the advantage of being a late game player, there are going to be increased war advantages for those at higher Town Hall levels that are maxed.

Town Hall 13, 14 and more

Town Hall 12 literally just came out in Clash of Clans, but we are already looking towards Town Hall 13, 14 and beyond. In the interview, Darian said that as long as players are maxing the top Town Hall level, Clash of Clans will keep releasing new Town Hall levels.

Of course, we aren’t going to see TH13 for quite some time, seeing as it took 2 1/2 years for Town Hall 12 to be released. However, just know that eventually, Town Hall 13 will be updated in Clash of Clans.

New Battle Matchmaking

One of the biggest problems with Clash of Clans right now is the abundance of clouds. The CoC is currently looking for the best solution for erasing clouds, whether that be head-to-head matchups (unlikely) or something new entirely.

Also, the Clash of Clans team wants to change revenge mechanics, since these revenge attacks are almost never used at all anymore. Another change to matchmaking is a overhaul of legendary league mechanics, where clouds are the most rampant. This change might be coming in the October 2018 update, but nothing is definite here.

I’m super glad that Clash of Clans sent out this update video since it tells us exactly what we can expect in the coming years for Clash of Clans. I’m really excited to see new single player options, as well as war leagues. Thanks for reading and comment below what your impressions are of this video!

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  1. This update is very good but i have one problem i only play to mobile data i cant update it to play store i wanna update yo crome


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