Tornado Trap, New Goblin Maps, Halloween Decorations | FULL Clash of Clans October Update

We finally know everything that is coming in the Clash of Clans October 2018 update. This CoC update is going to have some huge additions, including clan war leagues, tornado trap, new goblin maps, new clan games, halloween decorations, and more. Here’s everything that is coming in the Clash of Clans October update!

Clash of Clans October Update Features

Before we get started talking about everything that is coming in the October update, go ahead and give the video below a watch. This explains clan war leagues pretty well and also mentions a lot of the other things, like tornado trap and goblin maps, coming in the next CoC update.

Clan War Leagues

Without a doubt, the biggest thing that is coming in the October update is the addition of clan war leagues. These leagues will pit 8 different clans against each other with huge rewards and the ability to move up or down leagues based on your performance.

Clan War Leagues Clash of Clans October Update

If you want to know how clan war leagues work, click HERE.

Tornado Trap

Something that we haven’t known about for the October update is the newest trap in Clash of Clans, which will be called the tornado trap.

Tornado Trap Clash of Clans October Update

We don’t really know much about the tornado trap yet, but my guess is that it will work similarly to the air sweeper, except that it can impact ground and air units. Most likely, it will set off a gust of air that will blow everything back in a one time charge. More information to come on the tornado trap.

25 New Goblin Maps

For the first time in several years, Clash of Clans will be expanding on the single player/goblin maps. There will be 25 new goblin maps after the October update, which should be nice if you need a break from multi-player attacks.

25 New Goblin Maps Clash of Clans October Update

Along with the 25 new maps, Clash of Clans will also be adding two new achievements surrounding the goblins. These two new achievements will be called “Get those Other Goblins!” and “Dragon Slayer”. The Dragon Slayer achievement is earned after you conquer the Dragon’s Lair, which is probably the final goblin maps of the new 25.

New Clan Games

Also in the October update, there will be new clan games available for completion. There are going to be 6 new clan games, all listed below.

  • Building Breakdown (destroy buildings in multiplayer battles)
  • Building Boom Boom (destroy buildings in versus battles)
  • Wall Whacker (destroy wall segments)
  • Wall Wipe Out (destroy wall segments)
  • Sudden Stars (collect stars earned in the first 60 seconds in multiplayer battles)
  • Speedy Stars  (collect stars earned in the first 60 seconds in versus battles)

Those are the 6 new clan games which should definitely spice up clan games a bit. All of these clan games should be live with the first clan games after the October update.

New Shop UI

Clash of Clans completely revamped the shop, adding in a new place for the clan war league shop, as well as changing the overall look that comes with the shop. Here’s a first glance at what the new shop will look like after the October update.

Clan War Leagues Shop Clash of Clans

This new shop definitely looks a lot slicker, but should take some getting used to. Side note: I cannot wait to buy some of the new decorations offered in the clan war leagues shop!

Balance Changes

It is completely unclear what the balance changes will be in the October update, but I’m sure Clash of Clans will release the information about what troops are being buffed and nerfed soon.

Halloween Decorations

As with every year, CoC is bringing back Halloween decorations and seasonal troops/spells. In the past, we have seen some sweet decorations, so I’m hopeful that this year they come out with a really great Halloween decoration.

As for the troops and spells, last year we saw pumpkin barbarians and giant skeletons added as troops. My guess is that we see another Clash Royale troop added in as a Halloween troop, such as the royal ghost. No matter what, Halloween is always great in Clash of Clans!

Quality of Life Changes

The final thing that will be coming in the October update is quality of life changes. As with every update, we are lucky enough to have changes that just make basic gameplay a lot more enjoyable. For these quality of life changes, here is what we will be seeing for October:

  • Siege Machines: default to the setting of your last battle and donating will give 30 XP
  • No troops selected by default when battling
  • Rewatch battles at .5x replay speed!

You can read more about the quality of life changes HERE.

This October update truly feels awesome for Clash of Clans. We have a bunch of new content in clan war leagues and the tornado trap, while also getting some great changes like the QoL and 25 goblin maps. I cannot wait to see the October update released and hope that you guys are ready for an amazing update!

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