Legend League Rework in Clash of Clans June Update

After so many years, clouds are finally going to be a resolved issue in the Clash of Clans June update. In this next update, the CoC team has a plan in place for getting rid of clouds in legend league and what we can expect from the new gameplay after the update drops!

Legend League Rework

As with most big updates, Clash of Clans released a video, which explains exactly what they are doing with clouds and all of legend league. Here’s the June update video!

In my opinion, this is one of the best things Clash of Clans has ever done. Clouding was one of the biggest problems in Clash of Clans and it will be completely resolved in this update.

If you didn’t watch or didn’t understand the video, here’s what is going to happen. From now on, legend league will offer a limited number of attacks, 8, each day. There will be no such thing as a shield on defense any more, as your base will get attacked in the league.

Legend League Rework Clash of Clans June Update

This will definitely rein in trophy counts and also make sure that people aren’t attacking a bunch every day. You get 8 instant attacks each day, which will reset with a new day. It really is a great solution and I’m happy Clash of Clans was finally able to fix the problem.

So that’s going to do it for the legend league rework in CoC. I think that the update should be coming in the next few days, since there isn’t a lot left to sneak peek. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this rework!

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