Base Design [Part II|Farming]

Base Design Farming- Ok everyone, welcome back to the guide on base design.  Today I will be talking about farming, and what kind of base you will need or would like to have as a “farmer.”  Well if you don’t know already, a “farmer” is a type of clasher who loves to raid for loot.  They build up a relatively cheap and quick army and go on the hunt for gold and elixir.  As a farmer myself, I am pretty satisfied if I find a base with around 450k loot total.  Now onto the more mechanical elements of a farming base.

As a farmer it would make sense to protect your loot, right?  Yes, that is correct, farmers like to spread their loot out evenly and deep into the heart of their base.  Now you are starting to ask?  What? KingBacca?  My base isn’t huge, where am I going to put my Town Hall?  Well the answer is quite simple.  Know that if your Town Hall gets destroyed, it is a 1 star, and a 1 star gives you a 12 hour shield.  So if you put your Town Hall outside of your walls, a person will most likely come and snipe it, thus giving you a 12 hour shield for you to protect your loot.  Now you are asking, WHAT?! KingBacca!!! You are insane!  I don’t want to lose trophies!  Ah, young warrior, this is where you are wrong, a few trophies is a small price to pay in order to save your loot from the more experienced farmers. As you notice in the picture below, it looks pretty difficult to get every single storage in one single raid,  so even if you were to be attacked by a try hard, they would most likely only get one or two of your storages, saving your loot. In the end it is either a TH Snipe for a 12 hour shield or a great defense, make sure to have some troops in your clan castle as well. [Wiz|Arch|Drag|ETC]

~Centralized Clan Castle | Centralized Dark Elixir Storage | Centralized Splash Damage | Evenly Spread Storages

Pretty decent farming base for a town hall 8. All the mechanics are behind it.


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