How to Get 1M Gold In 1 Hour

STL here bringing a hopefully very helpful guide on farming. I myself am a hardcore farmer so I have learned a few tricks on how to get lots of loot fast. The first step is your army composition. Now the only way to get this much loot in one hour is to Barch (see more here: or to B.A.M. To keep it simple I will be using Barch. Listed below are the armies you should use:

180 Troop Space: 100 Barbarians and 80 Archers

200 Troop Space: 110 Barbarians and 90 Archers

220 Troops Space: 120 Barbarians and 100 Archers

240 Troop Space: 130 Barbarians and 110 Archers.

You don’t have to get this ratio perfect everytime, so just queue up two of your barracks with barbs and 2 with archers. As soon as your army is trained, attack! League is important so go to: to see what league you should be in. DO NOT ATTACK ANYONE IF THEY HAVE LOOT IN THEIR STORAGES. You can tell if it is in their collectors by how full it looks. Also see our guide on inactive accounts (who you will be raiding) here:

Very full mines.

Only raid someone if their collectors/mines are full like the picture. Also in order to get 1 Million gold in an hour, they MUST have 250k gold available for you. Hopefully you will get lucky and get a few 300k raids. Only use as many troops it takes to get the loot, don’t try for the 50%. When you have gotten the loot, surrender and wait for your troops to train again. Since they are queued up, it shouldn’t take that long. Basically, you want to try and get a 250k gold raid every 15 minutes. Do the math: 250k times 4= 1 million and 15 minutes times 4= 1 hour. Soon you will get your attack log like this:


Good luck with your raids, and if you have any questions comment below! BTW check back hourly for new updates on the upcoming update.

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