Clash of Clans Farming Strategy Guide

Hey fellow farming Clashers! We all need loot, so today I will be giving you a strategy guide for farming loot! Loot/resources are the entire purpose of the game; getting loot allows your to upgrade your base. But there is a lot that goes into getting loot and I’ll be sharing everything I know about farming with you guys!

Clash of Clans Farming Raid Loot

Trophy Range for Farming

Now obviously, the range of where you farm is imperative to you finding loot. It is different for every Town Hall level, so here are the basic levels corresponding with your Town Hall. If you stay within these farming ranges, I guarantee success!

Town Hall 5- Silver 3

Town Hall 6- Silver 2

Town Hall 7- Silver 1

Town Hall 8- Gold 2

Town Hall 9- Gold 2

Town Hall 10- Gold 1

Now of course, these are where you find collector raids. Another great strategy for farming is to push as high as you can go and just use the loot bonuses as your resources. For example, you receive 180k of EACH resource for simply winning a battle in Champions league! Lots of TH9/10s farm in high masters to collect that easy loot bonus.


Farming Army Composition

There are two main strategies used when farming. You need a quick and cheap army to train in order to maximum your loot potential. Barch and B.A.M. are the two main one currently. You can learn more about each one by clicking the link.

Barch- Barch Farming Guide

B.A.M.- B.A.M. Farming Guide

Barch is a combination of barbarians and archers, while B.A.M. is a combination of barbarians, archers, and minions. The two strategies are both used to pick off outside collectors. You send the barbs in first as a shield then the archers (and minions) in behind to do the real damage. You can complete 4 barch/B.A.M. raids in an hour without boosting. Its by far the most efficient strategies for farming.

Clash of Clans Farming Strategy Guide

Clash of Clans Farming Tips

So now that you know where to farm and what army composition to use, you need to know some basic hints for maximum farming!

Only raid full collectors!

This is the only one to really farm hard. Once you see a base with full collectors, that’s the one to hit, not a base with full storages. You can tell if the loot is in the collectors if the collectors look full or not (its easy to tell)

Be patient

Don’t settle for a 200k total raid. Wait until you see a base with 200k+ of each resource before attacking it. Trust me, if you stick to the farming ranges these raids will be pretty easy to find. Just keep going until you see one of the monsters!

Queue your barracks

Raiding for loot goes by much faster if you queue your barracks. That means constantly training all barbs in 2 barracks, all archers in 2 barracks, and all minion in 1 dark barrack. Make sure the barracks are constantly training these troops, even when your camps are full!

Raid in sessions

Make sure to do your farming in 2 hour or so sessions. If you log off after each raid, most likely you will lose a lot of what you just raided for. So stay on for a while, raid about 10 times, then log off; this will prevent minimum loot taken from you.

Set a farming base

Definitely don’t have a pushing base if you want to keep resources. Its much better for someone to snipe your TH, then have them try-hard for all your resources. You can see some of our farming base designs here: Farming Bases!

That’s about all there is to farming strategy you guys! I hope you can find some monster loot raids like in this guide!

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