Clash of Clans League Loot Bonus Farming Strategy

When most people think about farming in Clash of Clans, they imagine barch hitting huge resource raids, or giant tanking for wizards taking out loaded storages. But there is another way to farm in Clash of Clans: farming off of league bonuses! I’ll be explaining the strategy behind league bonuses and how you can increase your loot take based on this.

Clash of Clans League Loot Bonus

What is the League Loot Bonus?

The league loot bonus is the amount of resources you gain after winning a battle. Every league you rise, the rewards for winning a battle will  increase as well. This reward is enough, especially when you get to higher leagues, to easily fund your farming. Here are the stats for each league, along with the resources you get from the bonus on the right side.

Clash of Clans League Loot Bonuses

So at Bronze III, you will earn a measly 700 gold and 700 elixir for each attack you win. If you are Town Hall 5+, this isn’t going to be enough for anything! However, if you can manage to hit Legend as Town Hall 11, or even 10, you will be netting 340,000 gold and elixir, along with a clean 2,400 DE for each win you get.

Here are some key stats to know in regard to league loot bonuses:

  • Crystal III is the first league you get DE, with 120 for each win
  • Once you hit Master, you begin to win 100,000+ gold/elixir with every win
  • From Champion on, you earn 200k of each, equal to a decent farming raid

You can know how much the next league up will reward you on the leagues tab!

Clash of Clans League Loot Bonus

Along with that, you can also see how many resources you will get with a win in your current league.

Clash of Clans League Loot Bonus

So clearly, once you hit a new league, the resources go up! So let’s talk about increasing league loot bonus!

Increasing your League Loot Bonus

Now ideally, you want to hit Legend to get the absolute most resources from a win. But, there is a reason there are more resources… its MUCH harder to get a win up there! So you want to increase your league to the point that you can win 90% of the time, insuring the league bonus for most of your wins. Here are the top leagues I would push up to for each TH, if you are farming for the league loot bonus!

  • Town Hall 7- Crystal III. Any higher and you will get destroyed by TH8s and TH9s on defense. This will offer you DE to start upgrading your king and other DE troops.
  • Town Hall 8- Crystal I. Unfortunately, hitting master for farming just isn’t going to do it. Master is run by Town Hall 9s and Town Hall 10s, who will dominate you for some easy trophies.
  • Town Hall 9- Master II. Master II is comfortable for farming, allowing you to still use giants or barch and win against other TH9s. Master I starts becoming a struggle to get the dub.
  • Town Hall 10- Champion III. Again, just an easy relaxed farming range. A win up here is enough to fund your army, not to mention the other loot you can grab.
  • Town Hall 11- Titan III. Only go into Titan if you are a nearly maxed Town Hall 11. The league loot bonus is huge up here, easily funding your army with some to spare.

So those are just some ranges for farming with the league loot bonus. This is a seriously good option for farming! Just remember if you are sitting at 45% with a full collector protected by walls, go for the win with your heroes. This will give you more loot overall. Anyways, I hope that I advised you guys a lot on farming! Comment down below what attack strategy you use for resource farming.

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