Attack Strategies: Hogs

Town Hall to use in: 8-10

Trophy Range: 1600-2800

Hogs are a very cheap and fast pushing strategy. Lots of Town Hall 9s use this strategy to get to Master. However, after the hero update where you cannot lure out heroes, this strategy is less used because if you don’t knock out the heroes it is harder to three star a base. I still think this strategy can get you to master though!

200 troop space: 30 hog riders and 50 archers

220 troop space: 35 hog riders and 45 archers

240 troop space: 38 hog riders and 50 archers

3 spells: 3 heal spells

4 spells: 4 heal spells

5 spells: 5 heal spells

Step One: This is the first and most important rule of using hogs. DO NOT ATTACK ANY TOWN HALL 10S. If you do the inferno towers will shut you down and you won’t even squeak out the 1 star. So, when you are looking for a base make sure they are a Town Hall 9 or below.

Step Two: Once you have found an appropriate Town Hall, check their wizard towers. If you are a Town Hall 8 and the wizard towers are 6 or above look for an easier base. If you are a Town Hall 9 and the wizard towers are 7 or above look for an easier base. Make sure you can get at least 20 trophies if you are about to attack a base.

Step Three: Now that you have found your base, place one hog rider near the clan castle to see if there is any in it. If there is, lure them out to a corner of the base and destroy them with archers. If not then you have nothing to worry about.

Step Four: After you have taken out the clan castle, you want to place your hogs at two spots, close to each other, but not to close. Make sure when you place them one spot goes to one defense and the other spot goes to another defense.

Step Five: As soon as your hog riders start to take damage from splash damage, place two heal spells, one for each wave of the hogs. After you have placed the heal spells drop your archers, you clan castle troops, and your heroes right behind your wave of hogs.

Step Six: Every time your hogs start to take damage from a splash damage just drop another heal spell. With some luck, you hog riders will destroy all the defenses in the base and start attacking the surrounding buildings.

Step Seven: With your hog riders coming from one side of the base and the rest of your troops destroying the other, you will easily take out the Town Hall and probably get the three star too!

I hope you guys enjoyed this guide. Hogs are a very effective strategy. Use it well!

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