Night Witches Attack Strategy at Builder Hall 6

Night witches are one of the best attack strategies to win versus battles at Builder Hall 6. You can often three star BH6s and two star BH7s using mass night witches. In this Clash of Clans guide, I will give you the strategy behind winning with night witches and how a Builder Hall 6 can beat a Builder Hall 7.

Night Witches Attack Strategy Builder Hall 6 Clash of Clans

Night Witches Army Composition

There are two main ways to form your night witch army composition at Builder Hall 6. First off, you can go pure night witches and fill all 4 of your army camps with night witches (8 overall) and use your battle machine as your only tank. This is a risky strategy, but can pay off big time if your night witches do what you want.

The other option you have is to fill 3 of your army camps with night witches (6 overall) and bring boxer giants in your last army camp. This will offer your night witches a lot more protection and allow you to distract defenses easier. However, you won’t have nearly as much firepower since you’ll be missing 2 night witches.

It really depends on personal preference, since both army compositions work great! For the purposes of this guide though, we will be using the composition with all night witches!

Night Witches Army Composition Builder Hall 6 Clash of Clans

Planning your Attack with Night Witches

The number one thing that you should do when you first get a versus battle, no matter what strategy you are using, is analyze the base you will be attacking. You need to know the weaknesses of the strategy you are using. For night witches, here are the weakness that you need to avoid when planning a spot to attack from.

  • The roaster can completely annihilate any bats that come near it
  • The multi-mortar is the worst enemy…. avoid at all costs
  • Mega mines can cost you your entire battle; look for any 2v2 spaces in the base
  • The giant cannon can end all your night witches in just two shots

Now that we know what to avoid, let’s go ahead and check out the base that we will be attacking in this strategy guide.

Night Witches Attack Strategy Builder Hall 6 Clash of Clans

The clear place to attack from would be the top left, since you would almost guarantee the quick one star, and the second would most likely follow. However, it might be concerning that the multi-mortar and roaster are protecting the Builder Hall. This is actually GOOD for your attack though….

You can use your battle machine to distract both of these defenses before they target your night witches. Distraction of defenses is the best way to certify success in a night witch attack. Whenever you can, use your BM to take the fire from the multi-mortar, roaster, or giant cannon.

Firecrackers and air bombs aren’t a big concern for night witch attacks because bats can be respawned so easily. It is much more important to pay attention to when the ground defenses are located.

So now that we know we are going to attack from the top of this BH7 base, let’s go ahead and run through how exactly to attack with the night witch strategy!

Night Witch Placement

While you might want to immediately place your night witches into the fray so they can start shooting, it is much smarter to place the night witches in nearest corner of the part of the base you are attacking. This has two great impacts on the night witches before they reach the base.

First off, the probability that they get blown up by a mega mine right off the bat is low, since not many people put their mega mines in the corner of their base. Second, the night witches will spawn many waves of bats before they reach the base, giving you a lot of extra firepower to help out your battle machine.

Night Witches Army Composition Builder Hall 6 Clash of Clans

If your night witches don’t have protection though, they won’t last long, even with all those extra bats. Let’s talk about how you should play your battle machine to best protect your night witches.

Battle Machine Placement

As mentioned before, you want to use your battle machine to distract the powerful defenses from targeting your night witches. Most important to distract is the multi-mortar, so make sure you play it within range. Also, you should make sure that the battle machine isn’t right next to the night witches, otherwise both will be targeted in one shot.

If you can, also try to distract the roaster and other ground defenses. Eventually your battle machine will go down, but hopefully you created enough time so that your night witches have built up a lot of momentum with their bats. Here’s the optimal placement for the battle machine against this base.

Battle Machine Builder Hall 6 Clash of Clans

Avoiding the Double Cannons, Cannons, and Giant Cannon

Once you play your battle machine, the versus battle is pretty much out of your hands, since there are no spells or back-up troops in Builder Base or in this attack strategy. However, you can use your battle machine to help distract the trio of cannons away from your night witches. In this base, all of the cannons are resting in the bottom of the base.

Giant Cannon Builder Hall 7 Clash of Clans

The whole strategy here is to use your battle machine’s ability to get the max amount of health from it before it goes down. You want to have your night witches in and destroying these cannons before your battle machine dies. If the BM has minimal damage to its health and is nearing the cannons, save the ability until he actually gets near to them. This way, you’ll be able to add extra protection to your night witches against 3 different defenses that all critically can damage your main win condition.

And that is going to wrap it up for our night witches attack guide at Builder Hall 6. This is far and away the best attacking strategy for versus battles at BH6 in Clash of Clans, so upgrade those night witches fast! Thanks for reading and comment below what attack strategy you would like to see next!

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