Walls: The Complete Guide

STL is bringing a entire post devoted to walls. Walls are the most expensive thing in the game each costing 8.2 million each to get ONE to level 11. Most people will get level 8s and not worry about them again. However getting them higher is a must in this game. Why? Once your attacker runs out of Wall Breakers then your whole base becomes 10x harder to beat since the giants (or whatever they are using) will have to break through walls by themselves which makes them a sitting target for your defenses to take out. I would recommend maxing your entire base including walls for this reason.


-Evenly space out your walls

-Max your walls before heading to the next Town Hall

-Put walls against the side of your base (people can invade you from there)

-Make compartments with your walls

Do Nots:

-Ignore upgrading your walls

-Doubly stack walls

-Make holes in your walls

-Make your walls uneven (level 4s with level 7s)


Level 1: Wood, tied with a rope with a point on the end

Level 2: Pieces of stone placed together

Level 3: Smoothed stone

Level 4: Tall iron, dark gray

Level 5: Gold

Level 6: Pink and crystal

Level 7: Purple and crystal

Level 8: Still a crystal, only black with a skull

Level 9: Similar to level 4 only with spikes and lava

Level 10: Black, with lava and fire

Level 11: Iron walls with “electrickery” flowing through them


This will now enable you to tell which wall is which and how many wall breakers are required to break through it. Always remember that the level Wall Breaker you have is the level wall that can break through. I hope you enjoyed this guide to walls!


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