Large Clans: Pros and Cons

This is the second installment about clans brought to you by STL! Most people prefer to have a large clan to make the player look better and to try and hit leaderboards.


-Much more impressive

-Receive better troops

-More people to talk too

-Usually active

-People are more likely to join

-Chance for leaderboards

-Donations get higher (and so does your XP)


-War time can get a little crazy

-Harder to run

-More vulnerable to rouge cos/elders

-Easier for a “riot” to take place

All in all, I believe that large clan is better to have than a small clan. If you want a close knit group, than go with a small clan. However, if you want a growing, prosperous clan, then large clans are right for you!


What do You Think?

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