TH7 Three Star Attacking Guide for Mass Hog Riders

Town Hall 7’s best attack in war for Clash of Clans is definitely hog riders and heal. This will obliterate all TH7s if done correctly. Today I’m going to tell you the best TH7 hog rider army composition and give some strategy for three starring with mass hogs at Town Hall 8!
Clash of Clans Mass Hogs Town Hall 7 Strategy Guide

Hog Rider Army Composition

In order to attack in any battle, you need to know what army you should be bringing! This is critical for your army composition for mass hog riders at Town Hall 7. Clearly, as the strategy name states, you want to bring a whole bunch of hogs, but you also want to bring enough support units to be able to clean up the rest of the TH7 base for a three star! Here’s my favorite composition for hogs at Town Hall 7 (ignore first poison spell):Clash of Clans Mass Hogs Town Hall 7 Strategy Guide

Your main offensive unit is going to be the hog rider, as you might have figured! You also are going to want to fill up your clan castle reinforcements with hog riders, as high of level as you can get! Level 7 hogs would be amazing and help your attack a whole lot! You also need to bring clean up troops as well, to target the buildings that the hogs miss since they only target defenses. Wizards and archers work great as clean up troops and can also function to take out defending clan castle troops. As your last troop, you also have the barbarian king which aids in the clean up process a lot!

As for the spells, you should almost always bring all heal spells for a hog rider attack. Heal spells keep your hogs alive, especially after they hit a giant bomb! With your clan request spell, you should definitely bring poison, since the poison spell will allow you to slow down defending troops and make it easier to take out the clan castle!

Clan Castle Troops Kill

So now that you know what troops you should bring, let’s focus on kill your enemy’s troops! Whenever you attack with hog riders at TH7, you need to make sure to kill all the clan castle troops before playing your hog riders. You can “lure” out the clan castle troops by playing one hog rider close to the CC which will draw out the troops inside!

Note: Make sure that 20 housing space worth of troops end up coming out of the CC

Clash of Clans TH7 Hog Riders War Attack

Once you do draw out the troops from the clan castle, you need to kill them! I’d recommend playing one archer on a building in an area where no defense can kill her. The CC troops will head toward her and then you can drop the poison spell, surround the units with archers and wizards, and make the kill!

Clash of Clans TH7 Hog Riders War Attack

Once you do end up killing all of the clan castle units, it’s time to begin the meat of your attack with your hog riders!

Send in the Hog Riders!

Now that you have cleared the clan castle troops, there’s nothing left to stop your hog riders except for double giant bombs. The defending barbarian king does not impact the hogs since he is too slow to swing them down. To begin your hog rider attack, you want to send in a group of 8 hogs with clear pathing towards groups of defenses.

Clash of Clans TH7 Hog Riders War Attack

Once those hog riders go in, you want to attack from another side of the base too! This way, you can squeeze out all the defenses and prevent the wizard towers from killing all your hogs at once. Find another spot with a good couple defenses and attack it with another group of 8 hogs!Clash of Clans TH7 Hog Riders War Attack

Eventually, these two groups of hog riders will combine in the middle of this base, which is where pure domination will begin to happen! It’s also the time when the hogs are taking the most damage, so you’ll need some heal spells to keep them up in health.

Drop the Heal Spells

The heal spells are the MOST critical part of Town Hall 7 hog rider attacks because they can spell the difference between success and failure when attacking with hogs. You need your hogs to stay up all the way through the battle so that they can destroy all the defenses and even help on clean up a little bit. Make sure that you use your heal spells wisely, healing as many hogs as you possibly can. Here are some quick tips to help you with heal spell deployment.

  • Always heal where the hogs are GOING to be, not where they currently ARE
  • The best time to heal is after a giant bomb goes off
  • Catch as many hog riders as you can with each heal spell

Clash of Clans TH7 Hog Riders War Attack

If you nail your heal spells, there is really no way that you can lose when you attack with hog riders at Town Hall 7. Just make sure to use them wisely. Don’t necessarily go into a battle with a plan on when to use your heal spells. With so many bombs, you need to react instinctively and not waste your spells.

Back End Hog Riders

You might be wondering why we only ended up using 16 hog riders in the first two waves of hog placements. That’s because the rest of the hog riders are used as back end hogs! These hogs are critical to your success, because they are going to provide reinforcements for your quickly dying hogs of the first wave. Drop all of your remaining hog riders away from where your first wave currently is, making sure that they take out the defenses that are most unlikely to be beat by your first wave of hogs.

Clash of Clans TH7 Hog Riders War Attack

Once that you send in these hog riders, you will have no offensive units left so it is time to begin clean up with your wizards and your archers!

Begin Cleanup

The way that I see most hog rider attacks fail is running out of time. To avoid this, you want to play your clean up troops pretty quickly after your hog riders go in. Try to get a wide spread, but also make sure that they aren’t too near to defenses that aren’t yet destroyed.

Clash of Clans TH7 Hog Riders War Attack

These troops will wrap up the final two stars for you and allow you to get that huge three star with hogs at Town Hall 7!

So that wraps it all up for the TH7 hog strategy guide for three starring! I hope that you guys enjoyed this Clash of Clans guide and can now use hog riders as a killer strategy in war. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash of Clans strategy attack guides!

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4 thoughts on “TH7 Three Star Attacking Guide for Mass Hog Riders

  1. When using hog rider to attack make sure u have 3dragons as troops because if u use minion it will waste time .After d hog destroys air defense put dragon
    But make sure u have extra troops


  2. How would you kill high level Valkyries? They do not die that easily and I attacked a guy with 2 high level Valkyries and I drew them out but my wizards and arches just were not enough to kill them so my whole attack failed. I suggest instead of having hogs in your clan castle, you should add( if you have 20 space castle) 2 hogs and the rest minions because that will assure you victory.


    • Yeah, minions are definitely the best way to kill valks, so it you are continuously running into them, switch out some archers or wizard for some minions!


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