The Women Of Clash

Hey guys! STL here, talking about some very special ladies 😉 Yesterday, I posted about the men and tomorrow will be the creatures. Look for a post about the new dark troop, the lava hound, tomorrow as well. The ladies are: the archer, the healer, the valkyrie, and the witch. I will once again be categorizing them into: Single Unit, Expensive, But Worth It, and Tank.

The Archer: This is a simple unit, however it is probably the most used unit in CoC. She dazzles players with her uncanny ability to shoot, and is used in almost every strategy in the game. Simple, but she has perfected her bow work, so she can shoot over walls. Keep groups of her away from mortars and wizard towers, since a shot from those could wipe out all of them. Category: Single Unit

The Healer: Although practically worthless past TH8, the healer is the prime unit to use at Town Hall 6 and 7. Her magic bolts of “heal” bring your troops from no health left, to full power. Combine 3 or 4 of her and make your troops invincible. Make sure not to let an archer tower or air defense get a shot at her or she is finished before you can say Supercell! Category: Expensive, But Worth It

The Valkyrie: Probably the less appreciated unit in the game, the valkyrie is like a stronger barbarian. Use her in the up and coming strategy VaWiPe, and she can wreck havoc on a base. Don’t get with in range of her mighty axe, since she swings it around to create splash damage! Category: Expensive, But Worth It

The Witch: The witch is like the female version of the wizard. She shoots bolts of magic while summoning her greedy skeletons to take fire for her. The witch is so powerful she is used in one of the best strategies in the game: GoWiWi. Make sure the defenses keep targeting the skeletons since the witch doesn’t have too many hitpoints.

Like most women, the women of clash are almost all Expensive, But Worth It! (Just kidding, ladies) Make sure to check back tomorrow for the creatures of clash!


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