BEST Army Compositions for Farming

We all love farming in Clash of Clans! But what army and strategies should we be using to maximum our loot intake? Thats what I’m here to help you with today! Learn how to best farm and what armies to use to get the most loot possible.

50/50 Barch

Barch is everyone’s favorite farming strategy and there is a reason why! It is extremely effective, especially if you are going for collector raids. It’s also very easy to use; spread your barbarians in front and the archers in behind to do the real damage.

So, your army composition for barch doesn’t vary much between Town Hall levels. For the most part, you should have half barbarians and half archers, maybe with a few wall breakers thrown in! My hint is to queue two of your barracks with barbs and then two with archers.


BAM is a very similar strategy to barch, except you have minions to reinforce your barch troops. BAM basically a better barch, making it easier to squeeze out every bit of loot! However, if you are grinding heroes or saving for DE in general, this isn’t the strategy for you!

This is similar to barch, so the army composition doesn’t change much. Personally, I queue all of my barracks, 2 with barbs and 2 with archers still, but I also queue one of the dark barracks with minions. This ensures that I can get about 15-20 minion each raids.


GoBarch, like BAM, uses another troop to make barch raids even stronger! That troop is the one and only goblin. The goblin comes in behind everything else to head straight for the mines or collectors while the barbs and archers provide a shield.

In GoBarch, I would continue to queue your barracks like the previous 2 strategies, but it gets interesting after that. You need to decide which of the 3 troops is most important to you, and that one should be queued in 2 of your barracks while the others take 1.

All Archers

All archers is very unique, but it doesn’t always get the job done. If you are going for full storages, forget it! All archers is made to take out collectors, and you have got to be sure that no mortars or wizard towers are close by.

Obviously, with all archers, queueing takes effect once again! All of your barracks need to have archers constantly training within them, so you can get in and out of your base fast and onto the next loot raid.


GiBarch once again adds another troop into the storied barch army. This time it is the giant. Giants can provide a distraction to the defenses while barch takes out the outside collectors and mines. Also it can provide a way into to take out some storages.

With GiBarch, the giants train much, much slower than the barbarians and the archers, so you need to make sure that 2 of your barracks are training up giants. Then that leaves the last two, one for your barbs and the other for your archers.


Instead of barbarians and archers, you now bring wizards and healers! Giant-Healer is made for farming storages and not collectors. It allows you to get into the core with your wizards, while your giants tank and the healers heal em up.

For this attack strategy, you actually need a army composition, not just me telling you to queue your troops. Of course, it varies from Town Hall because of army camp space. Don’t use Giant-Healer at TH10.

Town Hall 7/8: 15 Giants, 4 Healers, 12 Wizards, 6 Wall Breakers, 9 Archers

Town Hall 9: 16 Giants, 4 Healers, 14 Wizards, 8 Wall Breakers, 10 Archers


Ahhh, balloonion. My favorite attack strategy for sure! Ballooning is mostly a pushing strategy, but you can use it when farming to delve into the storages, or just to be positive that you have emptied all the collectors.

Once again with balloonion, you need exact army compositions, not just queueing your troops up. You shouldn’t use this strategy at Town Hall 7 or below.

Town Hall 8: 24 Balloons, 40 Minions

Town Hall 9: 28 Balloons, 40 Minions

Town Hall 10: 28 Balloons, 50 Minions

So that’s it for my post on farming army compositions! If you want to see these strategies in action, subscribe to us on YouTube!

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