New Troop: The Lava Hound

If you don’t already know, Supercell is coming out with a massive update and included in that update they released a new troop for Dark Barracks level 6. This troop is (drum-roll please) the Lava-Hound! For all the people who say all these updates are only for Town Hall 10s, this troop is actually unlocked at Town Hall 9.

Dark Barracks Level 6

The Lava-Hound is a flying unit, essentially a flying Golem. It takes up 30 space and is made of rock and lava. The best thing about this troops is that it targets air defense. This leads to many new strategies.

Mass Drags (With the Hound): Send in your hounds in front of your drags and watch the air defense be distracted by the hound. This leaves your dragons free to get closer to the air defense without them being shot. Since the hound has so many hitpoints, it can survive a while. However, it doesn’t do much damage per second (DPS) so don’t count on it taking out the air defense. It is mainly used as a distraction.

GoWiPe in the Air: This one works exactly how GoWiPe works only in the air. Your hounds are the golems, your minion are the wizards, and lastly use dragons as the PEKKAs.  Send your hounds in first to distract the air defense while your dragons stay behind. After the air defense is taken care of, send in your minions to clean up.

MiLoHound: A catchy name, but an even catchier strategy. Send in your hounds first to distract the air defense (do you sense a theme?), so that the air defense doesn’t target the balloons while they take out the archer and wizard towers. After that, it works just like normal balloonion.

The Lava-Hound

Until the update comes out, we can’t be completely sure, how good this Lava-Hound is, but once again we do know the following:

-Takes up 30 troops space

-Low DPS

-Unlocked at level 6 Dark Barracks

-High Hitpoints

Stay tuned for more posts about the update and view the other tweaks in the update here:

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