September Update is OUT!

So Supercell finally answer our prayers and released the new update (there were some technical difficulties). Below I have laid out exactly what changes they have made to the game. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

Dark Barracks Level 6-

The Lava Hound- This “flying golem” targets air defense and provides cover for your weaker troops. It is very strong but   doesn’t do much damage.

Air Pups- These guys fly off a lava hound when it dies. Think little minions. (This is not a separate troop)

New Barch-

Barbarians to 7- These powerful guys just got more powerful! This is unlocked at Town Hall 10.

Archers to 7- Take barching to a whole new level. Also unlocked at TH10

Archer Tower Level 13- A sleek design of black, gold, and ruby will shut down opponents that use balloonion.

Wall Changes-

Upgrade Walls with Elixir- Yes, exactly as it says. You can still upgrade them with gold too. Only able to upgrade level 6 walls+ with elixir

Upgrade a Row of Walls- Finally! Simply select a row, then upgrade with gold OR elixir

Troop Improvements-

Hero Training Time Reduced- Now you don’t have to wait hours for your heroes to heal. Still long, but not as long

Ditch Troops- Just like the War Castle, you can now remove troops from your army camps and Clan Castle

Spell Remover- Now you can remove in queue spells at no cost. (You used to lose half the cost)

Healer Healing- Now the healer concentrates on the biggest group of troops instead of healing one archer over and over

Quicker Valks- The valkyrie training time is reduced from 15 minutes to 8 mins.

Better Replays-

View Attackers’ Army- You can now see what your clan mate is attacking with and how many/what troops they have remaining

Pause Button- Now there is a pause button, so if you miss anything you don’t have to watch it all again!

Time Remaining- The replay now shows the remaining time in the raid

Well this is all that there is! Still, lots of changes, can’t wait to try them all out. Read more on the Lava Hound here:

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