Clan War Opt-Out Button

Finally, finally, finally a war opt out button in Clash of Clans! This has been long overdue and is a much needed added on the the game. From what I can tell, you can set if you would PREFER to be in war or not. Notice, I don’t think you personally can choose. I then think the leader and maybe the co-leaders can decide to put you in war. That way they can override you just in case. You also have to set it you want to opt in as well. So, if you are saving for that big upgrade, but war is happening, just opt out!! Clan War Opt Out Forum Exclusive: Now you can see an image of a player’s base from their profile, without having to visit their village. Well, guys this is shaping up to be a great update! I’m thinking the last sneak peek will be tomorrow with the update releasing on Tuesday. Clan War opt-out is a great feature, and all of Clash will love it!

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