Clans are Leveling Up!

Sneak Peek #4- Level up your clan to add clan perks and new badges! Basically, you now earn XP just like in the single player part of your base, and your clan can level up. Right now, we don’t know how you can level up your clan, but here is the picture Supercell put out:

Clan XP

If you notice where it says Total Points, Members, Wars Won, there is a new category called “Type” I assume that you can choose between war, farming, and pushing. Now what are these “Clan Perks”. Once you level up your clan they are things such as shorter troop request wait time or being able to donate more than 5 troops at a time. Here’s the entire list of Perks:

Clan Perks

Looks like a long list! I truthfully can’t wait for this update!  They have made some great changes to clans and I’m excited to try them out. There may be one more sneak-peek, but maybe not, so expect the update tomorrow or Wednesday.

What do You Think?

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