Customize your Clan with Clan Badges

Hello all! The second sneak-peek was just released and it is customized clan shields! So now instead of having a pre-choosen one, you can design your own to best represent your clan. Here is a look:

Clan Badges

So it looks as though you can customize many features such as:

  • Pattern
  • Background
  • Border

Pretty nice, huh? But, even better news is ahead. Notice what it says under the “Border” change. It states “Upgrade your clan to level 2 to unlock this item”. So this means Clans can now be upgraded in some manner! We should be seeing a sneak peek for this tomorrow for more information.

Forum Exclusive: The forum exclusive post was that Clan Castle troops would no longer be interfered with by decorations and obstacles.

Well guys, looks like Clash of Clans will be adding a big update based on Clans! Clan badges and upgradable clans should be a lot of fun!

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