Leaked Update List for February Update?!

Hello once again guys! So we had our first sneak peek this morning- the Level 13 cannons and I stumbled across this (hopefully fake) update list. (I don’t like the spoil the surprise!) However, it does correspond with the sneak peek so far, and the features do sound like features Supercell would add, but I do believe this is FAKE. Here is the list


So this looks pretty official. On the App Store, and it looks legit. It has the right font, its in the right location, and everything the normal Clash of Clans has. Here’s a close up view:

Update Feature List February 2015

So if this update list is correct, we will be seeing

  • New additions to Clans
  • A level 13 Cannon
  • Clan War Opt-Out Button
  • A customizable Clan Badge

So now we have to ask ourselves, is this real? I’m split on this, but I’m leaning toward it not being real. The features really do seem to be what Supercell would release to the game- we all knew a level 13 cannon was coming and everyone has been begging for a war opt-out button. It also looks pretty legit from the location. On the other hand, it says the date is January 21, 2015, a month ago. Also, I don’t understand the “Get refunds and and automatic upgrades on donated troops”. It doesn’t seem like the kind of language Clash would use. There was also a forum exclusive sneak peek that mentioned healers and air bombs and this list has nothing about that on here. Anyways, we can speculate all we want, but the next sneak peek should tell us if this is in fact, true. Clash on guys!

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