Guide to Completing all Achievements!

Achievements are the easiest way to earn gems in Clash of Clans. Together, completing all of them grants you a  total of 8,687 gems! Now obviously, with this many gems available for gain, you want to know how to complete all of the achievements. That’s what I’m here to help you with! Let’s go from first to last, starting with Bigger Coffers!

Bigger Coffers: Upgrade a gold storage to level 2, 5, and 10

This is one of the ones you will get as you progress in the game. You need to upgrade your gold storages in order to get further in the game, so it will happen naturally. Try and upgrade gold storages early, to complete this achievement and so that your storages aren’t filled.

Get Those Goblins!: Win 10/50/100 stars on the Campaign Map

Completing the entire goblin map won’t be possible until TH7. That being said, you can still beat the first two steps at nearly any Town Hall level. Once you start getting toward the end of the Goblin map, the loot bonus will increase by a ton, so raiding these should be your priority! I would recommend using your best army composition possible to beat the tough ones. The last few are only beatable by mass dragons (for a Town Hall 7)

Bigger & Better: Upgrade your Town Hall to level 3/5/8

This will come with time, but the one thing I will tell you is DON’T rush your Town Hall just to complete this achievement. You will eventually get to TH8, but it might take some time. Just don’t think about it too much, and let it come with time.

Nice and Tidy: Remove 5/50/500 obstacles

Nice and Tidy will eventually just happen. I would say everytime you have a builder open, remove whatever obstacles have spawned in your village. Don’t concentrate on spending your resources to remove obstacles in the beginning; wait until XP 35 or so to start removing them all. This will occur at sometime as long as you clear the ones you already have.

Release the Beasts: Unlock Archer/Wall Breaker/Dragon in the Barracks

As long as you max your barracks with every Town Hall level, you will complete this achievement. You definitely want to upgrade your barracks since they unlock better troops and therefore strengthen your army. This will come at TH7 when you upgrade your barracks to 9.

Gold Grab: Steal 20,000/1 million/1 hundred million gold

Wow! 100,000,000 gold?! How will I ever do this one. Yeah, this does seem like a doozy. The best possible way to do this is to barch. Then attack people with 200k+ gold avaliable in their collectors. Do this over and over again to upgrade buildings and you will get it before you know it!

Elixir Escapade: Steal 20,000/1 million/1 hundred million elixir

Almost the exact same as Gold Grab. Use the same strategy: barch and don’t raid people unless they have 200k+ elixir available. Like I said, eventually you will unlock this, hopefully when you are TH8 or TH9. It’s only 500 raids if you get 200k each time!

Sweet Victory!: Achieve 75/750/1250 trophies

The 75 and 750 shouldn’t be too hard, but the 1250 might be a bit tough. I would say, have one big push to try and reach 1250 trophies. If you are TH6, I would use a Giant-Healer strategy. Use barch to 1000, then start three starring with GH!

Empire Builder: Upgrade Clan Castle to level 1/2/4

Even though it might not seem like it, the Clan Castle is your most important defense. Upgrading it allows for you to hold more troops and therefore, attack and defend better. Upgrading it should always be a priority, but you can’t buy the level 4 CC until TH8.

Wall Buster: Destroy 10/100/2,000 Town Halls in Multiplayer battles

My advice for this one is just wait it out. Eventually, you will just raid so many times that it will be unlocked. Of course, one option is just to raid with all wall-breakers every single raid, but that is a waste of time to just complete one achievement.

Humiliator: Destroy 10/100/2,000 Town Halls in Multiplayer battles

The best option for this one is to snipe Town Halls. The best range of trophies to find Town Halls outside their walls is from 1700-1900 trophies. Snipe your way up there and just have your pick! Of course, you could just wait for it to happen, but what fun is that?

Union Buster: Destroy 25 / 250 / 2,500 Builder Huts in Multiplayer battles

Another one that is just achieve through time. (Seems like most of these just take a couple hundred raids to do). However, there is a more extreme version of this. Ever notice how some people leave builder huts in the corners of their village to prevent the three star? You could just pick those off, although it would be a complete waste of trophies.

Conqueror: Win 25 / 250 / 5,000 Multiplayer battles

The key to winning this one is addiction. 5,000 battles is a ton of raids to take place in, much less win. However, if you are determined enough, you can complete this one. Be warned though, it won’t be easy. 5,000 is a huge number and it WILL take you at least a year (if not, find a new hobby)

Unbreakable: Successfully defend against 10/250/5,000 attacks

There are two main steps to completing this achievement. One, create a perfect pushing base that can defend well against an opponent at least a Town Hall above you. Two, never, NEVER have your Town Hall outside for the snipe. If you farm like this, you will never unlock this.

Friend in Need: Donate 100/5,000/25,000 Clan Castle reinforcement capacity

Donating is the primary reason for clans. However, the solution to this is very debatable. The easiest way to complete this is to go to a Req and Leave clan, train all barbarians, and donate them as newer players come and request for troops. The downside of this is that you will never be able to have a real clan experience (Req and Leave clans rarely socialize or do wars). On the other hand, you could find a nice clan you really like and just wait it out. Eventually, probably after a year of playing, you will donate 25,000 troops to your fellow clan-mates.

Mortar Mauler: Destroy 25/500/5,000 Mortars in Multiplayer battles

You will get this along the way by raiding. I would recommend a giant or hog strategy to try and pound this out. If you use barch, you will never get this because barch raids rarely destroy mortars. However, if you play long enough, you will eventually get this achievement.

Heroic Heist: Raid 20,000/250,000/1 Million Dark Elixir

The best and fastest way to raid for Dark Elixir is by zapping DE storages. Queue up your spell factory with just lightning spells, then drop them on a DE storage if they have a lot in there. I would say that the Crystal Leagues have the best DE available.

League All-Star: Become a Crystal/Master/Champion

Possibly the hardest achievement in the game. Now, as a low level in Clash you can get to the Crystal and Master leagues by sniping Town Halls. Just drop a few archers and the trophies are yours. Champion however, is much tougher. You will need to be at least a well-upgraded TH9 to reach the Champions League, so this one will take a while into your career.

X-Bow Exterminator: Destroy 1/250/2,500 X-Bows in Multiplayer battles

Easy right? Except X-Bows are one of the best defenses in the game. Eventually, you will complete this by raiding so many times (you will find a lot of X-Bows on the way to Champion) but it will definitely take a while for you to upgrade your troops high enough to actually destroy an X-Bow. If you find a TH snipe, see if there are any upgrading X-Bows on the outside, and if there is one, take it out with a few archers.

Firefighter: Destroy 10/250/5,000 Inferno Towers in Multiplayer battles

This is the Inferno Tower equivalent to the X-Bow Exterminator. This one will be even tougher though, because Inferno Towers are even better than X-Bows and usually in the middle of the base (a TH10 base). It will take you a while to unlock this one, but eventually, though raiding you will.

War Hero: Score 10/150/1,000 stars for your clan in Clan War battles.

Simple solution to this one: Just be good at war! If you raid enough in war, you will eventually achieve this achievement! The best clan war strategies are: TH7- Drags; TH8- Drags, Hogs; TH9- GoWiWi, LaLoonion; TH10- GoWiWi, LaLoonion. If you are serious about this achievement, go to a war clan that has war constantly. That way you can be earning up to 18 stars a week!

Spoils of War: Collect 800,000/15 Million/100 Million gold in Clan War bonuses

This one goes along similarly with the last one. You want to be in a clan with constant war, but make sure it is a good clan that almost always wins their wars. Keep in mind the following two things: All you need to do to keep the war loot is one-star the base and also the higher you attack, the more loot is available. Basically, just do constant war and this one will come to you.

Welp, that it guys! Thanks for reading through all of these achievements. Obviously, a lot of them just take time to achieve. Comment below how many achievements you have three starred! Clash on!

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