How to Get XP FAST in Clash Royale

Unlike in Clash of Clans, it is great to rush to the next level in Clash Royale! Therefore, you need to know how to get XP fast in Clash Royale in order to level up fast. In the September update for Clash Royale, level 14 might be added, so you need to be able to challenge these new levels! There are three main ways to gain XP in Clash Royale which I will be going over.

Upgrade Cards

Upgrading cards is the number one way to get XP in the game. The higher level the upgrade, the more XP you receive. So try to upgrade all your cards to even levels, even though you should only upgrade the ones you use. However, if you want to get the most XP possible, upgrade all your low level cards for very little gold and a decent amount of XP.

Clash Royale Upgrade Cards

Donate Cards

Donating cards not only helps out your clan mates, but it also gives you a bunch of XP. When donating, you should only really donate the cards that you rarely use, but if you are really grinding XP fast, donate any card you can. Donating a common card earns you 1 XP, while donating a rare card gives you 10 XP. Therefore, if you donate 50 rares and 300 commons that is 800 XP!

Clash Royale Donate Cards

Complete Achievements

Completing achievements is the only other way in Clash Royale to earn XP, and even though it doesn’t give you much for finishing them, you need this XP (plus gems) to level up fast. The overall experience you gain from completing achievements is 310, so its not much, but it is better than nothing!

Clash Royale Completing Achievements

So that is how you can gain XP fast in Clash Royale! Just follow the three steps and you will begin to level up super fast! Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for more content!


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