Daily Quests Coming in February Update?

Will Quests be coming in the newest update for Clash of Clans? Daily Quests would be small achievements rewarding you in gems after completing the task.

My guess is no, these won’t be coming out. However, there is a possibility of this being released. The problem is, there was a rumor about these before the Halloween update was released. Here’s an idea of how it would look.

Daily Quests

Now obviously, these “Quests” wouldn’t be as hard to complete as achievements. They would be easy to complete tasks that can be accomplished in a day such as the following:

  • Donating 100 troops
  • Raiding for 500k gold or elixir
  • Destroying 10 Town Halls
  • Removing 3 obstacles

After finishing these tasks, you would receive a small amount of gems: my guess is 10-20. But as you can tell in the picture, there are red gems that look similar to rubies. Would this mean a new resource? Right now, this is all a rumor, so don’t get your hopes up! Cross your fingers, the first sneak-peek should be out on Monday! Read all the update articles here.

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