Clash of Clans Barch vs BAM Strategy

Barch and BAM are by far the two most popular strategies for farming in Clash of Clans. The two are very similar strategies, but BAM uses minions while Barch doesn’t. Here’s the Pros and the Cons of using barch and BAM for farming.

Pros and Cons of Barch and BAM


  • Quick to train and easy queued
  • Very cheap to use
  • Great for taking out full collectors and mines
  • Easy to snipe if you find an outside TH


  • Can’t breach inter-storages
  • Sometimes difficult to win the raid

So in general, the pros do outweigh the cons which is exactly why Barch and BAM are the two most popular strategies. Now lets get into how you use each strategy.

Barch BAM Pros Cons Farming

How to Attack with Barch and BAM

So when barching/bamming the only kind of loot raids you can attack are full collector raids. Its an easy way to get some quick loot. Here’s the step to use in Barch and BAM to ensure complete loot domination!

Step One: First off you want to send in your barbarians to act as a meat shield. These will do some initial damage to the collectors, but the archers and minions are what will do the actual killing.

Step Two: The next step, as hinted in earlier, is to deploy your archers right in behind your barbs. Make sure that they are far enough away that they wont get impacted by mortar fire on your barbarians.

Step Three (BAM Only): Now next up, is to send in your minions. The wizard towers and archer towers will be focused on the barbs and archers so the only defense that can kill your minions is the air defense.

So that is just some extreme basics on how to use both strategies. But the reason you are reading is to find out the difference between the two and which you should use in a raid! So lets go ahead and get into it!

Should I use Barch or BAM for farming?


The main reason you should barch is that it doesn’t cost DE. Most people who barch are very self-conscious of Dark Elixir and want to conserve as much as possible. By using barch you only spend elixir and on each raid you more than get a return on that. Barch should mainly be used in the lower farming raids, where it isn’t as difficult to successfully win a raid.

Clash of Clans Barch Insane Loot


To me, BAM is a lot more useful than Barch. BAM makes it a lot easier to get all the collectors and it actually trains faster since you are using two more barracks. That being said, you are using DE for troops. This can add up overtime. Say you attack with 25 level 5 minions a raid. After 10 raids you’ve spent. 2,500 Dark Elixir JUST on minions! I personally use BAM since it is a lot more efficient but you should be able to regain that DE from taking out full DE drills.

Clash of Clans BAM Insane Loot
So basically, it boils down to the minions and the minions costing DE. If you are DE hunting I would use barch, but if not BAM is the better strategy for farming. Thanks for reading guys, and Ill see you tomorrow!

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