Attack Strategies: Barch (Farming)

Town Hall to Use In: 5-10

Trophy Range to Use In: 800-2600 Barch means a mix of archers and barbarians. Barch is by far the quickest and the easiest troop composition to get the most out of farming. You can train 100 barbs and 100 archers, but it is much easier to queue your barracks with 2 on archers and 2 on barbarians. You use barch to take out the collectors on the outside, but you can also use barch for pushing as well. For this post, I will be covering how to use barch for farming.

3 barracks: 2 barracks queued to archers, 1 to barbarians, spells optional

4 barracks: 2 barracks queued to archers, 2 to barbarians, spells optional

Step One: First of, you want to find a solid base to raid. These are the ones with 400k all the collectors. You can tell if they are abandoned by the gold in the collector area. These are the kind of raids you want, not storage raids, because your barbarians and archers can get to the loot easier.


Step Two: Once you have found the base you want, drop a line of barbarians in front of the collectors. The point of the barbs are to take all the damage while knocking out a few buildings. Make sure the mortar and wizard towers especially are locked onto the barbarians; you don’t want them shooting at your archers!


Step Three: Now drop in your archers in a semi-circle behind the barbarians. The barbarians will then soak up all the damage, while your archers are free to actually take out the loot. The archers should be placed behind the barbs, not right on top, or mortars will hit them all.


Step Four: Repeat around all the collectors. Sometimes, they are all in one place, but more often than not, you are going to have to send in several waves of your barch army to be able to get all the loot possible.


Step Five: You’ve stolen all the loot in the collectors, but you might be currently sitting at 40%. If you have a few troops left over and don’t want to take the loss, drop them around outside buildings, picking off enough of them to reach 50% or snipe a Town Hall.

Step Six: Celebrate! You have just earn yourself 400k+ resources to upgrade whatever you want. Train all your troops again and repeat your great raid! I hope you guys enjoyed this guide.


Barch is a very effective strategy. Use it well!

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