Best TH8 War Base Design for 2015!

Want to know the best Town Hall 8 war base design tips for the 2015 year? We already did TH7 war bases, which you can see here. So today, lets get into TH8 war base designs! At TH8, there are only three different way you will be attacked and those are Dragons, Hogs, and GoWiPe! Therefore, I have made a TH8 war base for defending each of those strategies. Lets start off with the mass drag one!

TH8 War Base Anti-Dragon

At Town Hall 8, chances are that you will be attacked by all dragons with 2/3 rage spells and a heal spell. You need to have an anti-dragon base! The easiest way to defend against this attack is by centralizing your air defense as much as possible and making it extremely difficult to get to. Here’s a base I found that is extremely hard to 2 star. A 1 star at TH8 means a good defense! Also your air sweeper should be pointed towards the side with more air defense. This is because the attacker needs to take out the AD quick to 3 star and therefore HAS to take out the AD quick.

TH8 War Base Anti Dragon Air Sweeper 2015 Town Hall 8

TH8 War Base Anti-Hog

Behind mass drags, hogging is the next most popular strategy. Therefore, you need to have an anti-hog base handy.  Hog bases need to be very spread out, with lots of spaces where double giant bombs could be lurking. You’ve also got to make sure the hogs won’t go towards the center and that is accomplished by adding a ring of defenses around the base. This base should not be compact at all; that is what hogs thrive on. Here’s my anti-hog base:

TH8 War Base Anti Hog Air Sweeper 2015 Town Hall 8

TH8 War Base Anti-GoWiPe

GoWiPe is a lot less common when attacking a TH8 but you still should have an anti-GoWiPe base just in case. The basics to creating a perfect anti-GoWiPe is having a very compact base almost the opposite of anti-hog. Having tight compartments makes it tough for the troops to get around versus if it was spread out, it would be easy for the attacking troops to waltz around the base. Here’s my anti-GoWiPe base

TH8 War Base Anti GoWiPe Air Sweeper 2015 Town Hall 8

Thanks for reading around designing the best TH8 war bases for 2015! Make sure to check back here tomorrow for some most articles! Clash on! Subscribe to us on YouTube:

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