Best Pushing Strategies for Town Hall 7

What’s up guys and welcome to the BEST pushing strategies for Town Hall 7! We will be doing this guide for TH7, TH8, TH9, and TH10, so make sure to check back tomorrow for your Town Hall level. These are the absolutely best strategies that you Town Hall 7s should use, to get you up to the most cups!

Best TH7 Pushing Strategies Clash of Clans

The “Snipe Composition”

Quite an interesting name, and an even more interesting composition. This is made to let you snipe Town Hall, which I personally believe is the best way to push at Town Hall 7. Here’s what you should bring on each attack:

  • 8 Giants
  • 2 Dragons
  • 20 Barbarians
  • 100 Archers
  • Balloons in your CC

Basically, how you use this, is you first place a few archers. If there are no teslas or anything you are good to go! However, if teslas do pop up, Place your 8 giants, some barbarians, and around 30 archers. The dragons are just in case it gets out of hand!

Mass Dragons

Mass Dragons are the MOST powerful army in the game at TH7! While pushing this can be used to 1 star TH9s, 2 star TH8s, and 3 star TH9s! Just treat it like a regular mass drags attack and you will do great! The composition is pretty simple:

  • 10 Dragons
  • Balloons in your CC

So that’s all there is to it. Basically you want to get a nice spread on your drags then rage them in; balloons behind. That’s if you are going for the 2-3 star. If you are about to attack a TH9 put your drags in groups 2 or 3 to get all the outside buildings to achieve the 1 star.


Of all of these strategies, giant-healer is probably the worst one to push with. Don’t even attempt to attack Town Hall 9s, even some TH8s could be iffy. Nonetheless, you can expect to continuously three-star fellow TH7s, provided you don’t run out of time. Here’s my advice for your army:

  • 12 Giants
  • 3 Healers
  • 12 Wall Breakers
  • 14 Wizards
  • 18 Archers

Giant-healer is a earlier version of GoWiPe and roughly follows the same steps. First off you drop in your giants, then rage em up with some wall breakers to break through the first layer of walls. After that, drop some wizards and archers to pick off some outside buildings. After the giants have gotten to the nearest air defense, go ahead and drop in all your healers, and then the rest of your clean up troops!

So those are the very BEST strategies to use at Town Hall 7 if you are trying to push up the trophy count! To see some of these strategies in action, check out out YouTube channel:

2 thoughts on “Best Pushing Strategies for Town Hall 7

  1. Also, what’s funny is that my friend modified my strategy for himself not for trophies, but for loot. However, I use it now for farming up high because it never lost once for me, plus, I get the DE every time.


  2. Really, giant healer is way harder to use and way more unstable and way less useful than giant heal spell. My friend modified my giant heal spell strategy and added a rage instead of a heal. It greatly reduces the chance of a three star, but you can easily two star almost any kind of town hall 7 and 8 bases.
    Also, you had a typo. You Connor three star a town hall 9 with dragons. Also, I think you forgot spells. However I think one heal two rage is great for all of these compositions. Plus, there is a trick about townhall sniping that I guess you forgot to say. If the town hall is within one pixel of the very corner that you can place it, place archers at the very corner. The teslas will not pop up, because a lot of of people don’t know, but teslas have a 7 pixel range, though it only activates when there is a troops within 6 pixels or when you are above 50 percent (that is, 51 or higher). But watch out for clan castle troops. It will probably activated the teslas as the troops will reposition themselves when the clan castle troops come, and activate the teslas.


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