Best Pushing Strategies for Town Hall 8

Welcome the 2nd post of this series, the BEST pushing strategies for each Town Hall! Today, we have Town Hall 8. Town Hall 8 has many great strategies that can be used, but only a couple should rise above the others to be features as the best!

Best TH8 Pushing Strategies Clash of Clans


Barch is a great strategy to use if you are looking to 1 star a fellow TH8 or a Town Hall 9. I would strongly advise against using barch to take out a Town Hall 10! Here’s the army composition you should be using with barch:

  • 100 Barbarians
  • 100 Archers
  • Minions or a Dragon in your CC

To use barch successfully when pushing, you need to take it bit by bit; not like spam barch when farming.  When barching while pushing you need to find 5-6 outside buildings, then spread a thick line of barbs, followed by archers behind. Repeat this however many times it takes! If you still need a bit of percentage, use your king and minions/dragon to finish off the rest of the percentage.

Mass Drags

Mass Drags is personally my favorite pushing strategy at Town Hall 8! You use it almost the exact same as at Town Hall 7, except you should 3 star fellow TH8s and 2 star TH9s. Here’s the army you should have trained:

  • 10 Dragons
  • Balloons in your CC

The only key to constantly winning mass drag raids is your spread! The spread of your dragons needs to be wide, but not THAT wide. This ensures that the dragons will be able to get every building and then head towards the Town Hall. I would bring either 3 lightning spells or 2 rage and 1 heal; the lightning to knock out 1 AD. If you use proper funneling you should be able to knock out any TH8 for the 3 star.


Personally, I hate Town Hall 8 GoWiPe, because in general, it is a 2 star strategy. However, that is EXACTLY why it is one of the best Town Hall 8 pushing strategies. Let’s see what the proper composition for this is:

  • 3 Golems
  • 4 Wizards
  • 3 P.E.K.K.A.s
  • 9 Wall Breakers
  • 1 Archer
  • Wizards in your CC

GoWiPe has to have a master’s touch and a master’s idea of funneling. You’ve got to know what to do! First off, place your golems in a semi circle around 3 defenses. Then drop some wizards around the outside buildings to create a funnel, so that your king and the P.E.K.K.A.s will head towards the core of the base and the Town Hall.

Thanks for reading about the BEST pushing strategies for Town Hall 8! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see these strategies in action!

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