How to Use LavaLoonion as a New TH9

When you first get TH9, you need a go-to strategy, something that allows you to completely obligate TH8s without it being close. You need a strategy that can earn you the easy three star. That strategy is LavaLoonion, but the only problem is that it takes FOREVER to unlock lava hounds. So here’s how you can LavaLoonion as a new TH9.

How to LaLoonion at Town Hall 9 Clash of Clans

Steps to Unlock this Strategy

1. Upgrade your balloons to 6! This is easily the most important step, since you NEED level 6 balloons; level 5s won’t work.

2. Upgrade your CC to level 5! Since you don’t need to unlock lava hounds, you need to be able to hold one in your Clan Castle. Get a level 3 one from a clan mate.

3. Upgrade your army camps to level 7! This will allow you to hold 20 more troop space, 4 more balloons or 10 more minions.

So if you can follow these steps quickly, you are on your way to an easy three star using LavaLoonion!

How to Use this Strategy

To explain the new TH9 LavaLoonion strategy, I prepared a video on our new YouTube channel! Enjoy and subscribe!

So that’s the video and I hope it showed you the basics of how to deploy your troops and spells. That’s all for now; new TH9s enjoy this strategy! Once again, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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