TH11 Three Star Attacking Guide for LavaLoonion

LavaLoonion is probably the number one attack strategy in Clash of Clans from Town Hall 9-11. Thats why I’m going to help you guys three star fellow Town Hall 11s in Clash of Clans wars and the strategy behind the perfect LavaLoonion attack.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 LavaLoonion Strategy Guide

TH11 LavaLoonion Army Composition

LavaLoonion army composition can definitely vary, but every attack with this strategy MUST have lava hounds and balloons (as the name suggests). Generally, you are going to want 3-4 lava hounds and 18-24 balloons. However, your kill troops, along with your cleanup troops, can vary based on the attack.

Spells are also debated a lot: should I bring heal spells or not? I like to keep rage and haste spells in your composition as they fare the best with balloons, along with a jump for your kill squad. Here is my favorite TH11 army and spell composition!

Clash of Clans TH11 LavaLoonion Composition

So this comp features a triple lava hound threat. To back up those hounds you have 20 balloons, along with a baby dragon and 5 minions for clean up. On your kill squad, you have all your heroes, combined with 5 bowlers and a golem/giant combo resting within your clan castle backup.

Queen/Clan Castle Kill

First step in almost any LavaLoonion attack is to start your queen and clan castle troop kill. This involves sending your heroes with a tank in front to kill the CC troops and archer queen so that they can’t deal huge damage on your balloons. Also you want to try and take out at least 1 air defense.

You need to begin by placing your clan castle golem down from where you are going to attack. Then play your heroes in behind and drop your jump in the best interjection to reach the rest of the base. Bowlers should be used to clear a path along with doing a ton of damage to point defenses.

Clash of Clans TH11 LavaLoonion Clan Castle Kill

Once you do penetrate deep enough into the base to draw out the CC troops, you should use your poison spell, if you brought one, to slow down the enemy troops while your queen picks them off.

Clash of Clans TH11 LavaLoonion Clan Castle Kill

Once that the enemy queen and opposing clan castle troops are down, you are free to start the main part of your attack, the actual LavaLoonion raid. Try to do it as soon as the clan castle troops fall so that you can keep some of your kill squad alive, namely your own archer queen.

Lava Hound Placement and Timing

Lava hound timing for a TH11 LavaLoonion attack is pretty simple. As I said above, you want to play your lava hounds as soon as the CC troops and queen are dead so that your kill troops can survive. Placement is a bit trickier so lets go into more detail.

When playing your lava hounds, you want to place them so that they approach the air defenses at different angles, making sure that they can’t be taken out by the same air bombs or seeking air mines.

Clash of Clans TH11 LavaLoonion Lava Hounds

Another tip: don’t send all 3 or 4 of your lava hounds at one air defense. Spread them out over two so your balloons can hit a wide range of defenses across the enemy base while the ADs target the hounds.

Precision Balloons

After your lava hounds are deployed, don’t waste any time wait for your balloons to go down. Balloons are some of the slowest troops in Clash of Clans and you need to take advantage of the lava hound’s protection while it lasts. The balloons should be deployed in a counterclockwise or clockwise circle, with 3-4 balloons heading for each defense. Make sure that you don’t try to take down a defense that isn’t targeting a lava hound. Placing your balloons precision style makes sure that the balloons will head straight towards a defense and not waste time shifting to get in line.

Clash of Clans TH11 LavaLoonion Balloons

The lava hounds will also clear the way of any traps so you should be ok playing your balloons right together. Just get your loons in as fast as possible behind your hounds.

Spell Placement and Timing

Once that your balloons do finally head into the meat of the battle, they need spells to help them deal more damage and move faster. Ideally, I like to play haste spells to speed up the slow climb into the base over the walls to hit the first defenses. Try to play your HS so that each one hits two groups of loons.

Clash of Clans TH11 LavaLoonion Haste Spells

Once the balloons get through the outside point defenses, it is time for them to come together in the center of the base. The center is where all the big bad defenses like inferno towers and x-bows sit. You should enrage the center of the base so that your balloons can get through those beefy defenses as fast as possible.

Clash of Clans TH11 LavaLoonion Rage Spells

When they do clear the inside of the TH11 base, you should keep some haste spells left in your hand so that you can use them to speed up balloons to take out the last 1/2 air defenses. Once the air defenses are down, you won’t have much more to worry about.

Popping your Lava Hounds

One of the KEYS to succeed with the LavaLoonion strategy at Town Hall 11, or any TH level for that matter, is that your lava hounds have to pop in order to generate clean up troops. You could bring minions like most TH9s do, but it wastes valuable troop space that you can use for more balloons. When your lava hounds pop, they will shoot out 14 lava pups for a maxed hound. This is more than enough for clean up, as they no longer target defensive buildings.

Clash of Clans TH11 LavaLoonion Lava Pups

If you still have balloons left at the end of the battle, those and the lava pups left from the lava hounds should be more than enough to clean up a base before time runs out. I still bring a few minions though just to help the clean up process.

That’s all for this Town Hall 11 LavaLoonion guide! I hope that this can help you TH11s three star your equal in war. Thanks a ton for reading and make sure to come back soon for more Clash of Clans strategy guides!

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  3. A thing to add, the balloons are slow, so they need to be placed in quick succession to swarm all the defenses at once as soon as the hounds have distracted them, to make up for the speed disadvantage.


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