Best Arena 7 Deck | Royal Giant, Valkyrie, Barbs

The best Arena 7 decks can propel you straight to Legendary Arena in Clash Royale! Therefore, it is important to have the best deck in to get you closer to Arena 8. This is the start of a new series where I will be sharing the best decks for each arena, how to use them on defense and offensive, and what cards you can switch out for each card! If you can’t tell, this deck will be centered around the royal giant, valkyrie and barbarians.

Best Arena 7 Deck

Best Arena 7 Deck Royale Giant

So the 8 cards for this deck are royal giant, skeletons, barbarians, fireball, valkyrie, cannon, minion horde, and the princess. It is a very good counter deck to almost any type of push with the cards also being very effective in the offensive. 3.9 elixir for a royal giant deck is also extremely cheap.

Best Arena 7 Deck Gameplay

Defensive Uses for Each Card

Royal Giant: Now obviously, the royal giant is a pure offensive card, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used as defense. Mostly, it can work like a damage taker, with the opponents troops focuses on the royal giant while other troops kill their troops.

Skeletons: Now, on the other hand, we have a purely defensive card. The skeletons are best for taking out the hog when it heads for the cannon, for eliminating the prince, mini-P.E.K.K.A., or for creating a distraction.

Barbarians: One of the strongest all around cards, the barbarians can be used for practically anything, except dealing with air troops. Take out any ground troop with these! Barbs are great for dealing with the royal giant efficiently, if placed around the RG.

Fireball: The only spell in this deck is very important. Mainly, on defense, I will use the fireball to take out an approaching minion horde or fireball a barb-hog push. You can also use it to take out a wizard or musketeer that gets to your side.

Valkyrie: Similar to barbs, the valkyrie is a great tanky unit that can take out practically anything but air troops. Perfect against barbs or a hog cycle deck. the valkyrie also provides a hard to kill unit.

Cannon: The one and only defense or buildings is very, very, very valuable. Usually, I won’t play the cannon against the royal giant, but instead use it to distract a hog if your opponent has one. If they don’t, time the cannon placement perfectly for the royal giant.

Minion Horde: The minion horde provides a quick and easy way to take out practically any unit. It is weak since it can be beat by arrows, so place it near the unit you want to destroy.

Princess: With this deck, I use the princess as a defensive card mostly. Placed in the back, the princess is able to take down skeletons, goblins, or minions quickly without taking any damage. It’s also nice to have that extra damage heading into your opponent’s push.

Best Arena 7 Deck Royal Giant DefensiveOffensive Uses for Each Card

Royal Giant: Now obviously, this is going to be your main offensive push. Place the royal giant right on the edge of the river, with one of the other troops always right with it. Your goal should be to get the royal giant to lock onto the tower without suffering a lot of damage.

Skeletons: Not really offensive, but the best use for the skeletons is in front of the royal giant, so that if your opponent has an inferno tower, it will lock onto the skeletons and not the royal giant.

Barbarians: Mostly used to protect the royal giant from barbarians that your opponent might send. They can also start a great push if you use them on defense to counter a card.

Fireball: Perfect to counter any barbs or minion horde that might be put down to destroy the royal giant. It might not be able to take the barbarians out fully, but it will push them away and allow for the royal giant to get a couple more shots off.

Valkyrie: My favorite push in this deck is by far valk-RG. The combination of the two can only really be beat by the minion horde. If you drop valkyrie in front, she will be able to take out barbs, spear goblins, or whatever is thrown at your push.

Cannon: Absolutely no offensive strategy aside from placing near the river to take out any troops that might be placed to counter the royal giant. I advise against this.

Minion Horde: 2nd favorite push in this deck: royal giant + minion horde. It is EXTREMELY effective if the opponent can’t take out minion horde; almost a guaranteed tower. The minion horde will obliviate anything placed near the royal giant.

Princess: Aside from going with the royal giant on the the offensive, the princess actually works really well with the valkyrie. Between the two of them, they can kill practically any single unit in the game and all multiple units.

Best Arena 7 Deck Royal Giant OffensiveSubstitutes for Each Card

Royal Giant: Giant, hog

Skeletons: Fire spirits, goblins, spear goblins

Barbarians: Guards, witch

Fireball: Arrows, lightning

Valkyrie: Bomber, mini-P.E.K.K.A., knight

Cannon: Tesla, tombstone

Minion Horde: Minions, baby dragon

Princess: Archers, spear goblins, arrows

Best Arena 7 Deck Hog

Thank you guys so much for reading! Try this deck out for yourself, I can assure it works amazingly well! Comment what decks for what arenas you would like to see in the future!

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