Best Town Hall 12 Base Design Layouts in Clash of Clans

Town Hall 12 is officially here in Clash of Clans through the June 2018 update! With the introduction of a new Town Hall level to CoC, you are going to need whole new base design in order to win defenses with TH12. Here are the best Town Hall 12 base layouts in Clash of Clans right now!

Town Hall 12 June 2018 Update Clash of Clans

Town Hall 12 Base Designs

Please keep in mind that since TH12 just came out, I have not been able to upgrade all the way up to it, and have not upgraded all of the new features. Therefore, I have had to use top players bases. As soon as all of my defenses are Town Hall 12 level, I’ll replace the bases so you can see the teslas and traps.

TH12 Base Layout #1

Town Hall 12 Base Design Clash of Clans

This first Town Hall 12 base has the Town Hall more than centralized, hidden behind several layers of walls. You don’t gain any new defenses at Town Hall 12, so you have to rely on the Giga Tesla to really do some damage. It’s tough to get near the Giga Tesla though, since this base is anti-electro dragon, which seems to be the meta at the moment at TH12. With no buildings besides the infernos close to the Town Hall, its nearly impossible to reach the TH from the electro dragon’s ranged attack.

TH12 Base Layout #2

Town Hall 12 Base Design Clash of Clans

If bases could be opposites, this Town Hall 12 base design would be the complete difference of base design #1. The Town Hall is closely protected by many of the powerful defenses, including the infernos and x-bows. The eagle artillery can also reach the Town Hall because of its placement. You get baited into attacking from the bottom of the base, since the Town Hall is the closest, but the attacker will be quickly overwhelmed by the many defenses protecting the south of this TH12 base layout.

TH12 Base Layout #3Town Hall 12 Base Design Clash of Clans

For our final TH12 base design, it is nearly impossible to reach the Town Hall 12 from the top, since there are so many buildings and walls you need to go through. However, from the bottom, you will be melted alive by the inferno towers, as well as the archer queen and barbarian king who roam the bottom of the base. Also, with high hitpoint storages protecting the first layer of walls, it’s gonna be tough to make it to the infernos before they destroy the troops.

I hope that all of you who were lucky enough to upgrade to Town Hall 12 are able to dominate with these base designs. Town Hall 12 is ridiculously OP with electro dragons, so you should be able to push up pretty far. Thanks for reading and comment below what your first impressions are of Town Hall 12!

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