Clash of Clans Hidden Tesla Guide and Strategy

The hidden tesla is one of the best defenses in Clash of Clans and you need to be able to know how to use it and how to place in the game in order to have the most success on defense! I’m here to help you out and teach you how to use the tesla to the best possible ability.

Hidden Tesla Guide

The hidden tesla actually does the most damage per second of any defense in Clash of Clans except the inferno when it reaches peak fire. Here are also the DPS for each level hidden tesla:

  1. Level 1 Tesla- 34 DPS
  2. Level 2 Tesla- 40 DPS 15% increase
  3. Level 3 Tesla- 48 DPS 16.66% increase
  4. Level 4 Tesla- 55 DPS 13.8% increase
  5. Level 5 Tesla- 64 DPS 14.1% increase
  6. Level 6 Tesla- 75 DPS 14.66% increase
  7. Level 7 Tesla- 87 DPS 13.% increase
  8. Level 8 Tesla- 99 DPS 12.2%increase

Based on this data, we can find out that upgrading your tesla to 3 is the best damage % increase with a 16.666% increase. This is closely followed by the next best upgrade which is level 5 to 6 with a 14.666% increase in DPS. But if we compared these all to the X-Bow, we will find out what level hidden tesla equals what level X-Bow.

  • Level 1 X-Bow=Level 3 Tesla
  • Level 2 X-Bow=Level 6 Tesla
  • Level 3 X-Bow=Level 7 Tesla
  • Level 4 X-Bow=Level 8 Tesla

So the tesla is actually quite a good defense. It is usually quite underrated, but that is because of it’s range. However, the range isn’t actually as bad as most people believe.

Clash of Clans Hidden Tesla Range As you can see, it can easily protect 8 other buildings which is a solid 12% of all your buildings. Anyways, the tesla should not be underestimated, it is definitely one of the best defenses in Clash of Clans! Now that we have covered a bit of strategy, lets go on to hidden tesla placement.

Hidden Tesla Placement

There are two different types of bases and both beg for a completely different tesla placement. Lets go through both of them and talk it over.

Farming Base Layouts

For farming, you want to have your teslas on the outside of your base so that your attacker isn’t able to snipe off your collectors or get any easy loot. Putting teslas on the outside will also pull giants away from the center of your base in the ever popular giant-heal spell farming strategy.

Clash of Clans Hidden Tesla Farming Strategy

As you can see, my teslas are clearly on the outside of my base. Any giants placed to take out my gold storages will be pulled over to either tesla on either side. Likewise, any barch troops that are laid down to try and take my collectors will encounter my teslas as they try to get the loot. Teslas are great for unsuspecting players looking for a quick loot grab!

War Base Layouts

In war, no one cares about protecting loot! Therefore, your teslas need to go in the center of your village for a few reasons. One, your opponent doesn’t know where the teslas are located and will not know how to play his troops. Two, your teslas will pop up as your opponent gets closer to the Town Hall, giving it ultimate protection.

Clash of Clans Hidden Tesla War Strategy

Notice how my teslas are very close to the middle of my base and my Town Hall. Opponents would see this base as an easy attack from the bottom, since it appears to not have as many defenses underneath. However, when he or she tried to attack my base, they would encounter 4 extra defenses where they didn’t know were located there.

Anyways, that is my whole guide on the underrated hidden tesla! Sorry Clash of Clans fans for the excessive Clash Royale the last few days, but hopefully you guys will get some sneak peeks soon as well! Check back soon for a new strategy guide!

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