Are X-Bows Overated?

Hey Clashers! Its Clash for Dummies here with a brand new post. Now today I will be asking “are X-Bows really as good as they seem?” But what, X-Bows are supposed to be the BEST defense in the game except inferno towers?! So today I’m going to delve into this and see if X-Bows really are THAT good!

So when you see TH9s and TH10s, chances are that they have their X-Bows in the center of their base. But, why? This is caused by a psychological effect in which they automatically think that because X-Bows are unlocked so late in the game that they are naturally the best defense. Lets pair a level 4 X-Bow against a level 13 archer tower and lets see which is better!

                                X-Bow                                               Archer Tower

Cost-              8,000,000                            7,500,000

DPS-               80                                        98

Hitpoints-      2,700                                   930

So the archer tower actually beats the X-Bow in two of the three categories. The 500,000 extra cost isn’t a huge deal, but 18 more DPS?! The X-Bow does have about 3 times as many hit points as the archer tower though. But what if we stack the long-considered worst defense in Clash of Clans, the hidden tesla against the mighty X-Bow

                                X-Bow                                                Hidden Tesla  

Cost-              8,000,000                             5,000,000

DPS-               80                                         99

Hitpoints-      2,700                                    850

Wow, so once again the X-Bow loses in 2 out of the 3 categories. This time it get trounced in cost, and gets beat by even more in DPS. It seems like all the X-Bow has going for it is its hitpoints! Are hidden teslas actually better?

Clash of Clans XBows Overrated

Are X-Bows Worth the Cost?

So we finally get to the whole point of this article! Obviously you should buy X-Bows and and continuously upgrade throughout your Clash of Clans career. But should you upgrade them before archer towers and teslas? I say NO!!!

Lets get into some more math. If you divide cost by DPS you will find out that for every 1 Damage per Second, it costs you 10,000 gold for the X-Bow. But if we do the same thing for a tesla, it costs only 5,050 for 1 DPS. That means teslas are nearly DOUBLE as valuable as X-Bows. In my eyes, X-Bows are overrated and other defenses should be upgraded first! Next time think first about upgrading one!

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6 thoughts on “Are X-Bows Overated?

  1. X bow is quite a lousy defense now that the troops r able to take out the xbow quickly so what if it has high hit points? I think they should add a lv 5 x bow and make each lv of x bow including the lv 5 x bow increase damage per sec. I think that a archer tower is better than the x bow.


  2. Level 3 and below X-bow are worth the upgrade but the level 4 upgrade is complete crap, you gain FIVE dps for 8 million gold. That’s just not worth it until you have nothing left the upgrade


  3. X bows aren’t really that good. They have less damage per second than a high level cannon or archer tower. a max tesla has the much more damage per second as a max x bow. The only thing that makes it good is it’s crazy range. Of course, cannons and archer towers and teslas need to be upgraded more times, but the lower level upgrades are really really cheap. Even the x bows’ high hitpoints aren’t really that good. And I wrote this without even looking at the post. I just looked at the title. So that means all this stuff is already common knowledge among high level players. But this is still good info you are posting, nice job.


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