Clash Royale Emotes/BMing Strategy Guide

Though most people hate it, spamming emotes, otherwise known as “BMing/Bad Mannersing”, can actually help you a lot for strategy in Clash Royale. If you can get the player you are battling upset, they are more likely to make mistakes, which in turn makes it easier for you to win battles in Clash Royale! In this article, I’ll be going through every emote and when to use it in order to make your opponent the most frustrated!

Clash Royale Emote BMing Strategy Guide

Clash Royale Emotes/BMing Strategy Guide

Thumbs Up- A good thumbs up at the beginning of the battle is never a bad thing. It sets the precedent that you are friendly, which you definitely are not. Also, any good push or defense means a cocky thumbs up!

Clash Royale Emote BM Thumbs Up

Angry Face- The angry face isn’t the best for BMing, but if your opponent is spamming the angry face, then make sure to mock him or her by sending it right back.

Clash Royale Emote BM Angry Face

Crying Face- The crying face is savage and best used for when you take a tower or your opponent’s massive push fails epically.

Clash Royale Emote BM Crying Face

Laughing Face- Second. Most. Savage. Emote. Ever. The laughing face is my favorite, and can be thrown in for just about any situation when you want to rub it in. Do this especially after you are clearly winning the match and basically have it made. Also, its great for when your opponent plays three musketeers and you fireball/lightning.

Clash Royale Emote BM Laughing Face

Good Luck!- As we now get into the word emotes, BMing can get a ton worse. Good luck should be used sarcastically, for when you misplay your defense and the units get to your tower. Anytime your opponent gets lucky, you should use this emote!

Clash Royale Emote BM Good Luck

Well Played!- Again, just like good luck, the well played needs to be completely sarcastic. I would recommend using this gem when your opponent plays a princess when you have the log, or plays elixir collector when you have rocket. You get the idea!

Clash Royale Emote BM Well Played

Wow!- A bit of a sad emote, but if your opponent puts down an overused deck/card, you can spam him with the wow. Hopefully, it hits him where it hurts. Also, after you take a tower, be sure to hit the wow button at least once!

Clash Royale Emote BM Wow

Thanks!- Ever since the laughing face, you might be wondering what the most savage emote is. This award would have to go to “Thanks!” which can be used in so many different scenarios it is ridiculous. First off, you can use it for any of your well played emotes, just to throw in that extra jab. If you take a tower or have a huge push, SPAM the thanks button! And of course, if you end up winning the battle, make sure to throw in some good thanks for the trophies.

Clash Royale Emote BM Thanks

Good Game!- Similar to well played, you want to do this whenever you can make a huge positive elixir trade. Throwing in one of these at the beginning of your battle can also really irk your opponent before any troops are even placed.

Clash Royale Emote BM Good Game

Oops- Lastly, we have oops, which you should use when your opponent makes a bad play. For example, if your opponent places a minion horde and you have arrows, make sure to hit them with a few oops before you throw your arrows.

Clash Royale Emote BM Oops

That’s it of the Clash Royale emotes! Thanks for reading and make sure to throw in some nice BMs in your next battle! I hope this helped you win more attacks.

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10 thoughts on “Clash Royale Emotes/BMing Strategy Guide

  1. I usually accommodate the angry face and wow. For example when they arrow a HUUGE push consisting of a tank and a lot of spammy small troops like minions and skeletons. But my thanks is mostly used when they use the arrows or zap on my minion horde before it crosses the bridge cuz that gives me more time to place my miner and they are still alive! Also I love givin em a thanks for zapping my minions when I have a goblin barrel or skarmy in my hand which I can play. So, ya, as you can probably tell I have a zap bait, which is the type of deck which also baits out those angry face emotes from my opponent and also baiting my laugh and thanks emotes.


  2. I actually use all the emotes literally. However, at the start of games, I sometimes drop a good luck just before the elixir bar fills up, so if they reply with a thanks or good luck, they will waste a bit of elixir.


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