New Emotes, Gold Increases in Clash Royale June Update

We have the second sneak peek for the Clash Royale June update, giving us new emotes confirmed, as well as gold increases across most chests in the game. This sneak peek has a ton of quality of life improvements, as well as hopefully a way to upgrade cards easier. Here’s all the info from the second sneak peek in Clash Royale!

New Emotes

As leaked yesterday, there are going to be new emotes coming to Clash Royale. There are going to be two new kinds of emotes, princess emotes and goblin emotes. With the June update, you will have a new emote collection, similar to the card collection that you carry.

Emote Collection Clash Royale

From this emote collection, you can build an emote deck to go along with your normal battle deck. Unfortunately, you will not be able to unlock these emotes from chests; you’ll have to pay $3 for a pack of 4. But with your new emotes, you can choose 8 to go into battle with you, from the 16 that will be available.

Emote Deck Clash Royale

So despite having to pay for your new emotes, it is still pretty cool that Clash Royale finally got around to adding new emotes to the game. If you want to, you should be able to buy most of the new goblin and princess emotes as soon as the update goes live.

Chest, Ladder, and Gold Changes

There are going to be a bunch of interface changes in Clash Royale along with the new emotes. Most of this has to do with gold and card distribution, but they should all be good changes that the community will be happy about.

  • Battles over 4k trophies will have an overtime of three minutes to reduce draws
  • Gold rewards are going to double in clan wars; victory gold and gold in chests
  • Silver, gold, magical, giant, and crown chest reworks; less commons, more rares, epics, and gold
  • Silver chests will give more cards

Increased Gold Rewards Clan War Clash Royale

So far, while this update might seem a little bit on the small side, they are making some awesome changes that needed to happen for Clash Royale to succeed. I’m personally really excited about the new emotes and can’t wait to shake it up a little bit. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about all of these changes!

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