Small Update Ideas for the Next Clash Royale Update

It’s been a while since the last Clash Royale update, or even the last update leak, has been announced so let’s go over some small update ideas for the next Clash Royale update! These updates aren’t game-changing, they are just small, quality of life updates that Clash Royale needs to make gameplay more fluid and exciting!

These pictures were originally posted on the Clash Royale reddit.

Clash Royale March 2017 Update Features

Small Clash Royale Update Ideas

1- Battle Confirmation: How many times have you accidentally clicked battle having in a troll deck? Or how about clicking battle accidentally period? Having a battle confirmation, similar to the Clash of Clans war confirmation button, would limit the number of mistakes made and overall raise the quality of gameplay. This button would tell you what deck you have, as well as tell you if you have victory gold or chest slots open.

Clash Royale Update Ideas Battle Confirmation


2- Chest Log: We already have a battle log, as well as a tournament log, so why don’t we have a log that tells you what chests you have received and what cards you pulled out of that chest? A chest log would help you keep track of what cards you are receiving along with what chests you are due for!

Clash Royale Update Ideas Chest Log

3- Gold for Tournaments: The reason Clash Royale tournaments suck in 2017 is because they cost so many gems to create for so little reward. It would be great to have an alternate way to create tournaments by having them cost gold that most players have, instead of gems, which players spend on more important things. There is a gold shortage, so this wouldn’t make tournaments perfect all of sudden, but it would improve the number of tournaments occurring in the game.

Clash Royale Update Ideas Tournaments

4- Crown Chest on Tournaments Page: This wouldn’t impact the game at all, but it would be a nice little addition to prevent too much scrolling. When competing in tournaments or challenges, you have to scroll back to your home page to collect your crown chest. It’d be a bit easier if you could collect your crown chest on the tournaments page since it already tells you how many crowns you have.

Clash Royale Update Ideas Crown Chest

5- Global Chat: THIS I want to see! There is global chat in Clash of Clans so why isn’t there a global chat in Clash Royale? Honestly, one of the reasons behind this might be because of the state of global chat in Clash of Clans. Global chat is a bad place with lots of thirsty 12 year olds, which might be a reason why Clash Royale wants to keep it away. Still, I think it would be neat to debate strategies and tips on a global chat, as well as recruit players for your clan.

Clash Royale Update Ideas Global Chat

6- Card of the Week: Of all of these small updates, the card of the week would be the biggest update, but it would be an awesome one! Since there are already *weekly* special events in Clash Royale, why not add a special card of the week, where you could gain rewards for using and winning with the CotW, gaining a chest of a new rarity for completing these challenges. The Clash Royale team could go a long ways with adding this, maybe doing something like the ice wizard challenge in Clash of Clans?

Clash Royale Update Ideas Card of the Week

7- Holiday Emotes: It seems like we keep coming back to Clash of Clans! The Clash of Clans team implements seasonal changes to the game, like in Halloween and Christmas. I think that it would be super cool to have holiday themed emotes for these seasons. For example, during December, the Clash Royale team could put Santa hats on all the face emotes, and maybe add a new emote that says “Merry Christmas!”.

Clash Royale Update Ideas Holiday Emotes

8- Emotes in Clan Chat: Lastly, we have the ability to send emotes in clan chat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to text an emote as an emoji in messages, but you can’t do it! Being able to send emotes in your clan chat would be awesome and give you the ability to have a lot more fun with your clan.

Clash Royale Update Ideas Chat Emotes

So that is going to do it for all of the small Clash Royale update ideas for the next June/July 2017 update! Let’s hope that all of these changes can be implemented into the game, because it would help a lot with quality of life. Thanks for reading and comment down below what small update ideas YOU have for Clash Royale!

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