Clash Royale February 2017 Update LEAKED!

The newest Clash Royale update has been leaked! This new update should be dropping around February 14th, but we know all the details to this update which features a ton of new cards, mostly in the new Jungle Arena. I’m super excited about this update as it will add some sweet card into Clash Royale!

Clash Royale February 2017 Update Leaked

New Cards February 2016 Update

Thorns Golem

The first new card that will be added is the thorns golem, basically an ice golem without the ice! Instead of shooting out ice, the thorns golem will shoot out thorns, doing damage to all buildings, troops, or towers near him. The cost is still unknown (I have seen 2 elixir and 4 elixir), but the thorns golem has been leaked to be the newest rare card in Jungle Arena.

Clash Royale New Card Thorns Golem

What it Means for the Game: Designed to make the ice golem a bit weaker. Basically, you’ll have to decide between the slow effect or the damage effect when one of them dies.

Assassin Goblin

Out of all the leaked cards, the assassin goblin seems that it would be the one that could become OP. Think of the assassin goblin as a miner, you can drop him anywhere in the arena. This new card then proceeds to attack with “extreme” speed. The best (and scariest) part about the assassin goblin? He only costs 2 elixir! However, this goblin is an epic, so it will be tougher to level him up.

Clash Royale New Jungle Arena Cards

What it Means for the Game: Expect a lot more quick, chip damage pushes where you can drop an assassin goblin in to quickly take out any defending troops.

Ice Spell

The ice spell is a mix between the ice wizard, freeze spell, and fireball. It will be a spell, costing 3 elixir with an epic rarity, giving freezing effects to all troops hit by it. The ice spell will take the form of a fireball, but when it hits, it won’t be a completely freeze. Instead, it will give a 75% slowing effect, more than the ice wizard, but not a full freeze.

Clash Royale New Ice Spell Card

What it Means for the Game: Major popularity ahead. The ice spell will be able to be used with almost any deck especially royal giant and hog decks where you need to kill the attacking unit fast.

Archer Queen

Yes, one of the Clash of Clans heroes has been leaked to be coming into Clash Royale! Imagine this: a legendary royal giant, and you basically see what the archer queen is. For some reason the queen targets buildings instead of all troops. She costs 6 elixir and has a huge range, making her the new royal giant.

Clash Royale New Archer Queen Leak

What it Means for the Game: The barbarian king and grand warden should be right behind. An indirect nerf to the royal giant since the queen has less hitpoints, but more DPS.

Legendary Cost Reduction

Along with all of these new cards, Clash Royale will be making legendaries cost 30,000 instead of 40,000 in the shop. Of course, you can only buy legendaries in Legendary Arena still. But, this change will make legendaries even more obtainable yet!

Clash Royale Buy Legendaries 30000

Archer Queen Challenge

Lastly, we have the archer queen challenge, which is essentially just like the electro wizard challenge from a few weeks ago. If you get 12 wins, then you will get the archer queen in your reward chest.

Most likely, as with the electro wizard challenge, you will also have to use the new archer queen card inside your deck. Best decks for this? Royal giant decks but switch the RG with the AQ.

That does it for all of the leaks for the February 2017 update in Clash Royale! This one looks pretty fun, can’t wait until the sneak peeks begin. Thanks a ton for reading and come back soon for more content!

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  3. Real and there will be an opporater I wish that we can buy legenderie in epic sundays Im arean8 and plz send electro@clash royale


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