New Healer Card LEAKED in Clash Royale

The newest card in Clash Royale has been leaked and it looks like it is going to be the healer from Clash of Clans. This will be the first new card released since the elixir golem! Here’s everything we know about the new healer card!

New Healer Card

Today, Friday, November 21st, Clash Royale tweeted out the following image and said “New card reveal coming tomorrow on our YouTube channel!”

New Healer Card Clash Royale Update

The new card in the image is clearly not the prince, which means it has to be the healer shown on the right side. With the golden aura behind her and healing the prince’s thorn wound, it’s the only logical explanation.

We will have to tune in tomorrow to see what the new healer gameplay actually looks like, as well as learn the elixir cost and rarity of the new card. The healer has been a long time coming in Clash Royale and I’m excited it is finally going to be released. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think healer gameplay will be like!

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