Rascals and Lava Golem Cards LEAKED in Clash Royale

With the release of the April 2018 update to Clash Royale, two new cards have been leaked from the game files. These two new cards, rascals and the lava golem were added into the game during the update, but aren’t live in Clash Royale yet. Here’s everything we know about the new rascals and lava golem cards that were leaked in Clash Royale!

Rascals Card Leaked

The first new card that was leaked was the rascals card, which seems to be the card Clash Royale has been hinting at in game and in the release notes when it says “watch your step when walking in the woods near Royal Arena…” and “don’t chew Double Trouble Gum while running! Unless you’ve had years of didgeridoo lessons.” 

The picture leaked of the rascals card includes one of the rascals blowing a bubble with “Double Trouble Gum”, so it is assumed that this is the card referenced.

Rascals Card Leaked Clash Royale April Update

This picture appears to be the kind of tweet Clash Royale would send out announcing that the rascals are coming to the game. Here’s the actual in game files of the rascals.

Rascals Card Leaked Clash Royale April Update

It appears that there will be three different troops to the rascals card, most likely a tank unit, as seen by the big fella, and then two smaller ranged units by the girls that are a cross between the bandit and archer. This means the card will probably be 5 elixir and I’m willing to bet, either a rare or a common card.

Also, since we can guess that this is the card hinted at by Clash Royale, that means that the rascals will be coming out in May for Royal Arena and up. Let’s take a look at the other card leaked in Clash Royale, the lava golem!

Lava Golem Card Leaked

While hints of the lava golem aren’t out quite yet and Clash Royale only announced that one card came with the April update, it is still pretty likely that we will be seeing the lava golem released sometime in the coming months. Here’s the introduction photo for the lava golem.

Lava Golem Card Leaked Clash Royale April Update

Again, this seems a little bit more like a photo Clash Royale would tweet out to show us the card for the first time. Here are the in game files for the new lava golem card!Lava Golem Card Leaked Clash Royale April Update

Obviously, this card is going to be a nice mix between the golem and the lava hound, looking mostly like a lava pup that the lava hound spawns. Like the rascals, I think it is likely that the lava golem will be a common or rare card. It should be cheaper than the rascals depending on how many lava golems you get. If its only one lava golem per card, expect a new 1 elixir card!

That going to wrap it up for this brief card leak article stemming from the April update. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on more update news, as well any more leaks that come from the new cards. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of these two new leaked cards!

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