Clash Royale: Advanced Tornado Guide and Tech

Tornado is such a neat Clash Royale card with the ability to pull troops, but is so underused in the ladder and in tournaments. I want to help you guys understand that the tornado is a viable card within Clash Royale, especially with the new zap bait meta!

Clash Royale Tornado Strategy Guide

Tornado Stats and Gameplay

The tornado is first unlocked in Builder’s Workshop. Kind of ironic since all a tornado does is destroy things! This card is an epic and costs 3 elixir, not bad for a card with a huge radius of 5.5 tiles (bigger than the rage). Here is how the tornado’s damage measures up against zap and arrows, the two most similar cards to the tornado:

  • Level 1 Tornado: 58% of a level 1 zap, 38% of level 1 arrows
  • Level 4 Tornado: 77% of a level 1 zap, 50% of level 1 arrows
  • Level 8 Tornado: Level 2 zap, 73% of level 1 arrows

One more note: the tornado can’t damage buildings while zap and arrows can. Now these tornado damage stats seem pretty pathetic, but that’s because the tornado isn’t know for its damage; its purpose is to pull units!

Clash Royale Tornado Three Musketeers

So depending on where you place the tornado to pull, it can completely change the unit’s direction or pull a whole bunch of units together. Let’s go ahead and get into some advanced strategy.

Replacement for Zap

With the recent nerf of zap, tornado can effectively deal with a lot of the troops zap used to be popular against. Goblin barrel is expected to become very powerful, but you can easily pull a goblin barrel away from your tower, suffering minimal damage.

Clash Royale Tornado Goblin Barrel

Another card the tornado is great at dealing with is the minion horde. If you wait until the minion horde gets close to the tower and then pull them back toward the bride, but still within tower range, the tower can completely annihilate that 5 elixir card for just 3 elixir!

Clash Royale Tornado Minion Horde

While the goblin barrel and minion horde might be the best “used to be zapped” cards to play it on, here are some other replacements that zap can deal with.

  1. Skeleton army
  2. Graveyard
  3. Minions
  4. *Upcoming* goblin gang

Activate the King Tower

Are you struggling against the hog rider or miner? Well, activating your king tower is definitely one of the best uses of the tornado in the game. If you can play the tornado in the right spot, then you can actually pull an incoming hog or a set miner into your king tower, giving you a bit of extra defense for future defenses as well as providing a good counter to your tower.

Pulling a hog requires placement at the perfect spot, right in between the king and crown tower to intercept it in its charge toward your tower. Here’s where the tornado should go to activate the king tower using a hog.

Clash Royale Tornado Pull Hog

The miner is the second card that can activate the king tower easily. However, if the miner is placed on one of the 5 spots on the corner furthest away from kings tower, then you won’t be able to get the miner to hit your tower. Here’s how it does work though.

Clash Royale Tornado Pull Miner

Grouping Units

Besides activating the kings tower, grouping units together and then hitting them with a spell (zap to take out swarm, fireball for medium troops, rocket for tanky troops), can offer insane value and is another great use of the tornado as a spell. Here’s how to do it!

Zap Group-

Clash Royale Tornado Zap Combo

Fireball Group-

Clash Royale Tornado Fireball Combo

Rocket Group-

Clash Royale Tornado Rocket Combo

Great Tornado Decks

Hog-Tornado Deck-

Clash Royale Tornado Hog Deck

Zap-Bait Tornado Deck-

Clash Royale Tornado Zap Bait Deck

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope that this changed your view on the tornado a bit and how it can actually be quite a good card within Clash Royale. Check back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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8 thoughts on “Clash Royale: Advanced Tornado Guide and Tech

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  3. This card can basically troll anyone including legendary arena players, thanks for it’s ability to pull enemies to the king


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  5. When the tornado was buffed a while back, it was the best troll card. Not only was it used for activating the king tower, as you already said, it can also be used to pull princesses and other cards to the range of the crown towers. I once got a royal giant to aim at the king tower, while being simultaneously attacked on both sides by the crown towers. Hope this advice helped you! Check out my blog for more advice on Clash Royale, PvZ Heroes and PvZ: 2, and so much more!


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