Clash Royale Sneak Peek: Tornado CONFIRMED!

In today’s Clash Royale sneak peek for the November 2016 update, the tornado was confirmed as the first new card in the update. The leak from yesterday so far seems to be correct, since the rarities and number of the cards are correct. Here’s the picture the Clash Royale team sent out.

Clash Royale Four New Cards November 2016 Update Sneak Peek

Here is a link to the leaked cards:

So as the leak says, the tornado, which is the first card to be officially announced, is an epic card and 3 elixir. The leak also said that there will be 1 common, another epic, and a legendary card added. We will have to see if this leak is correct when it comes time to unveil the other new cards for the November update.

Clash Royale New Cards Leaked Tornado Clone Spell Vikings Stun Wizard

Like the last update, this update will also released one card every 2 weeks, starting with the tornado, then the common, epic, and legendary card.

Alright so now that we know that the tornado card will be coming to Clash Royale, what exactly is it and what are its stats?

Basically, the tornado will drag all enemies to the center of its spiral of doom, shaking it up similarly to the log, as well as doing damage over time. As for the stats, here they are:

Clash Royale New Tornado Stats

A level 1 tornado won’t do a lot of damage, but it think that its real value is its ability to move troops to the center of it. I’m pretty sure that it will drag all troops to the center, even big ones like the P.E.K.K.A. The radius is quite big at 5, so you will be able to capture quite a lot of troops in it.

This update will be dropping on November 1st, along with the balance changes. Come back soon for more sneak peek and November update news from Clash for Dummies!

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