Brawl Stars September Update: New Gamemode and 2 New Brawlers

Brawl Stars has announced a new update for September, with a whole bunch of new features including a new gamemode and 2 new brawlers coming to Brawl Stars! Unfortunately, there is no Android or global release in this update, but it can’t be too far away with there already being a second update to Brawl Stars. Let’s go ahead and talk about Brawl Ball, Tara, and Pam, all to be added in the September 2017 update!

Brawl Stars September 2017 Update

New Gamemode: Brawl Ball

The first new feature that will be coming in the Brawl Stars September update is a brand new gamemode! A lot of players have been wondering when we might be seeing a new gamemode in Brawl Stars, since it has been the same 4 since the beta release of the game. The new gamemode, called Brawl Ball, is essentially soccer (football if you aren’t in America) with your brawlers. Here’s an image of Brawl Ball:

Brawl Stars New Gamemode Brawl Ball

The whole point of Brawl Ball is to walk the ball into your opponent’s goal, with the first to 2 goals being the winner. You can do this by passing the ball to your team or by going all the way solo. A huge point of this new gamemode is that you can’t shoot while you have the ball, making it critical for your teammates to support you. I really like the idea behind Brawl Ball and can’t wait to play it!

New Brawler: Tara

There will be two new brawlers in the September update for Brawl Stars and the first new brawler is known as Tara. Tara is a “mystic” character, throwing cards as her main attack.

Tara New Brawler September Update Brawl Stars

Tara is a lot like Shelly, having about the same health and range as her counterpart. Tara does have the advantage that the cards she throws doesn’t stop once she hits an opponent; rather they keep going until the end of the range. So, if you get a really good throw in, Tara could hit unlimited opponents.

Tara New Brawler September Update Brawl Stars

The special for Tara works sort of like the tornado in Clash Royale, bringing all the enemy brawlers together (as long as they are in the range), so that splash brawlers are able to dominate!

New Brawler: Pam

The second new brawler that will be added into Brawl Stars during the September update is Pam. Remember the mini-gunner leak that surfaced last month? Well, that leak turned into the current day Pam. So Pam will be a junker character, acting as a stereotypical minigunner would work! Pam shoots a barrage of bullets from left to right, sweeping away any enemies in the way.

Pam New Brawler September Update Brawl Stars

As well as doing a lot of damage, Pam actually has a lot of health too, making her tankier than both Colt and Shelly, who are the two most similar cards to Pam. To make Pam even more OP, her special is out of this world. When Pam activates her special, it spawns in a healing station, in which every friendly brawler nearby can be healed!

Pam New Brawler September Update Brawl Stars

This looks completely OP, but its unclear exactly how much health it respawns and how quickly it respawns that health. Even if it is slow, Pam will quickly become of the best brawlers in Brawl Stars after the September update.

Other Updates

Along with the two big update features in the new gamemode and new brawlers, there will also be a couple quality of life improvements in the September 2017 update for Brawl Stars! Here are the ones that we KNOW will be in the next update.

  • Trophy cap will be removed; you can push as high as you can get
  • Seasons will be implemented, but there won’t be a trophy reset. Instead you will lose a percentage of your trophies
  • Balance changes will be occurring, yet again

That is all that has been leaked for the September update for Brawl Stars! Personally, I am really excited for this update, especially the new gamemode Brawl Ball. Thanks for reading and comment below what update feature you are the most hype for!

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