Countering the Executioner: Tips and Tricks

Executioner has become one of the best cards in Clash Royale so you must know how to counter and beat the executioner! Today I have some tips and tricks on countering the executioner in Clash Royale, regardless of arena.

Clash Royale How to Counter the Executioner

Single Unit Kills

So since the executioner is so great against splash units, one of the only ways to kill him is to place a single unit down to tank for him. Obviously this unit has to be tanky and not a dart goblin or princess. Here are some of the more popular single units you use to take him down!

Note: Make sure you place the unit to the side of the executioner and not in front of him. If you place your defense in front, the executioner can do damage to your tower as well.

Mini-P.E.K.K.A. Kill

The mini-P.E.K.K.A. is one of the best counter to the executioner because it will only take one shot (or two with the comeback) from the ‘cutioner before the MP finishes him off with help from the tower. 4 elixir is still a positive elixir trade!

Clash Royale Executioner Counter Mini Pekka

Mega Minion Kill

Along with the baby dragon and inferno dragon, the mega minion is the only air unit to be able to kill the executioner 1v1. Since it is the cheapest, the mega minion is a great card to use for a counter if you are running an air heavy deck.

Clash Royale Executioner Counter Mega Minion

Knight Kill

Another 3 elixir card, the knight is more than tanky enough to kill the executioner. If you don’t want to waste another card, the knight can easily kill the executioner with some health left on him to start a counter push.

Clash Royale Executioner Counter Knight

Rocket+Tower Kill

Unless you have a really high level lightning (generally a lightning kills an executioner 2 levels lower), the rocket is the only spells that can fully take out the executioner. If you time your rocket right, you can hit both the tower and executioner if the executioner is played behind the king’s tower.

Clash Royale Executioner Counter Rocket

Ice Golem Distraction Kill

A high tech executioner kill technique is an ice golem distraction. Basically, you wait until the executioner is on your side of the map then play an ice golem at the river, walking towards the executioner. Then you play a cheap spam unit that the ex would usually be able to take out to fully destroy the unit.

Check out my example with the ice golem and spear goblins:

Clash Royale Executioner Counter Ice Golem Spear Goblins

Since the executioner is focused in on the ice golem, it won’t target your units or the tower, making a clear counter with troops left over to push with.

That’s just some basic easy executioner countering, but I hope that you guys learned a lot from that quick strategy guide! It really isn’t that hard to counter executioner as long as you play it smart and don’t panic. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale tips to succeed!

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